[Addon] SmartBool Tools

QuickBool is a dynamic tool that lets you create boolean operations on the fly.
There is a couple more things I want to add before releasing this weekend.
I will add many options:

  • Apply all when done
  • Switch between custom objects
  • Change between boolean operations

Umm look fast but did it keep booleans editable non-destructive workflow

what will be the difference between this and other boolean implementation

It reduces the time you take trying to get it to be on the right place. Plus the duplication and moving. Once I’m done, you will be able to switch between the list of objects in the scene with a preview of that object. And yes, you will have a checkbox so you can choose if you want them to apply or have them move to another layer.

This could give you a new way of modeling combined with:

  • Boolean shape
  • Meta shape
  • subdivisions + Interactive Quadflow
    It is up to you to see how this will make a super tool

Thats pretty clever. thanks.

I want to see what you will do with those idea it could be sometime interesting

i am hoping the devs get all bool crazy too with us. Get that bmesh goin! Theres so many more possibilities left to unlock! Id love to see a topo solving solution that would really just put meshfusion to rest.
I cant wait to get this!

Yes a meshfusion similar approach would be great

Is it possible with b-mesh and blender’s non-destructive modeling to implement this workflow in the future?

We’d need non-destructive primitive objects (edit parameters after object placed in scene), and non-destructive boolean operands.

With those two options, hard surface high and low poly objects could be produced quickly.

What ever happened to this tool?

I would really like to have a tool like this on the blender market or similar :slight_smile:

There’s a number of other tools that makes working with booleans faster/easier : HardOps (does more than just booleans) and it’s companion BoxCutter (both paid for), Carver (free), the Sculpt Tools (also free) … (probably missed some)

However, all of those tools are “just” (clever) interfaces to Blender’s built-in boolean system. They can be a blessing if you use booleans a lot but they inherit the booleans shortcomings : bad to horrible topology and unexpected results (ever had some booleans set to cut that actually intersect or add … yeah, i know, inverted normals … still annoying to check and sometimes even triple checking your normals doesn’t solve the issues when you are cutting/adding more than one mesh, i even managed to have everything dissolve into nothingness trying to use multiple boolean modifiers).

If the delay means albertofx is actually looking at improving the boolean system, i would be more than happy to wait for several months.