Addon SqueakBake


I’ve just finished my first addon : SqueakBake

it bakes NLA tracks to a Speaker to add squeaks and screeches to a rotating object on a specific axis.

hope you enjoy it.

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It is on ArtStation also if you prefer that:

I have never dived into these sort of animations, but already I can think of many uses. As for example I can render a midi song with bleep notes. And then take this sound and make music-based animations easy. :slight_smile: At least the most basic motions are set in place, then adding some variations here and there.

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The whole thing started as i needed to put some screeches to the flaps of my robot head and i’ve searched for a lot of tutorials and workflows and the only ones that came up where how to animate to sound and not the other way around.

so i’ve done the first version of it that used only the rotation.

The speaker object has a lot of potential it just need a bit more love from the blender developers (the sound doesn’t stop if you “cut” the NLA tracks).

Very cool, indeed in this case since your animation is extremely sound-based there would be no other better option.

Personally, so far I only used the video tracker. I would take some motion samples from video sources and generate really good foundations for motions.

I can see also a similar approach in your addon, if for example you can “track” the sound and then rewrite some of the marker points to move like that. Just an idea if you are interested in. :slight_smile:

you can already do that with blender (driving animation with sound wave)

but if you meant adding trackers in the sequencer to ad the sound yourself, i could add that option and naming them according to the action (“Starting to rotate”, “Stopped”, “Changed direction”)

Yeah, this is what I meant, using the sound drivers.

This addon does the opposite it uses the animation to “drive” the sound. :slightly_smiling_face: