[Addon] T+ Boolean

This is a collection of different boolean addons.

> BoolTron / BoolTools / Bevel after Boolean / 2D Union / MultiMaschine / PlaneFit
> It allows you to boolean directly or with booltool brushes and bevel it after.
> You can enabel and disable all panel separatly or choose between toolshelf [T] or property shelf [N].
> For a faster workflow reduced the tools in menu or activate the NUMPAD HotKeys.
> Menu for object- and editmode [SHIFT+T]
> Links to wiki, threads, etc. are in the addon preferences > URLs

Update #v1.9 Compact Panel:
> Panel: Direct / Brush (Booltool & Bevel after Boolean) / MulitBool (objectmode)
> if booltool use: boolean after bevel appears underneath
> open brush viewer for booltools from the panel
> added planefit and more last redo functions to plane inserts (editmode)
> ability to add axis planes to the add menu: mesh [SHIFT+A]
> added wiretoggle to panel and menu (from official display tools)



Have Fun! :wink:


Hey Mkbreuer, what’s that ‘Merge of Overlapping Faces’? Is that an addon I don’t know? Sounds interesting, but I wonder if its an addon I could integrate into my own panels :slight_smile:

“Danke schön” dear mkbreuer
Congratulations and “Viele Gluck fûr dein arbeit…” :wink:

@Spirou4D: remerciement!

@Mighty Pea: 2d Union merge all selected coplanar and overlapping faces. eg: build a ground plan etc.

Version #v1.1: editmode keys SHIFT+Operator to keep selection

update#v1.1: editmode keys SHIFT+Operator to keep selection

update #v1.2: enable or disable menu /fix for brush object in panel

First Loved T+ member for me :smiley: Thanks a lot.

Update #v1.4: see first post
> smaller ui version
> on/off for optimize tools
> custom icons

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for good job

thx! smalll fix for carver…

Update to 2.9 > added Boolean after Bevel v.1.8!!!

It does not work to put the category in Tool Shelf mode. When I modify to Property Shelf it works perfectly. what am I doing wrong?
All items are enabled in “Tools”

You have to save user settings for a permanent location change.
Be sure you avoide activation of tools (addons) that comes with t+ boolean!
You don´t need them twice.

Update v.1.89 > see first post

will not boolean bevel be added?

You find it in the menu as before and in the panel it appears underneath when booltool is used

**there are small issues to repair…

Thank mkbreuer

Update v1.9 > see first post

any suggestion how to further improve this setup are welcome…