Addon that supports Android and IOS exporting

Hi, #BlenderDude again…

Just want to know if there is maybe a addon to export your game to IOS and Android? Or maybe if someone is going to make one?


An addon wouldn’t be enough. IOS and Android are different operating systems and platforms than a linux/windows desktop pc. You need a specific audio and video renderer, an input manager, a physics and script engine written for those platforms.
At that point, and considering the obscurity of bge’s future, you’re better off writing a parser for the .blend format that translates stuff into a format readable by an existing multi-platform game engine.

When the time comes we will get an android port too. :smiley:

Just think of how many blender games WOULD be out there if we had android exporting. Mind blowing

Well we the users should make a thread or a poll to see the number of interested game devs into making an android game or a port of their bge games.

Thinking … thinking more …

Exactly as many as there are out now. It is just another platform, not another game. It does not make games, it does not help making games. The only thing that might happens that there can be slightly more interest in using the BGE.

The only feature that would result in more games is the “make my game button” ;). When you click it - there will be another game.