addon to provide more options for doubles removal and snapping

hey guys, been coding again today over at the tube project,
came up against a challenge when I was modelling and wanted a quick script to speed up my workflow. have always had issues with snaps in blender so this was partially an effort to improve tools for alignment and removing doubles by adding axis constraints.

there is also a choice for two algorithms to determine which vertex remains when doubles are removed. The existing remove doubles feature merges all close vertices to an average point (like pressing merge>at center), but this tool allows verts to either be merged (or snapped) to the position of the vertex that is closest-ly connected to all neighbouring verts, or to the vertex which has the most connections to neighbouring verts (within the threshold limit)… hope thats clear!

would be great to hear what you think and/or let me know if you find any bugs!

Hallo joshwedlake

Works and you changed it for SVN >=31095 :D!

Though not having to need your addon it gives me a lot of ‘clues’ I am looking for!
Wunderfull example of ‘knoff hoff’ (know how)!

And if you could tell me (us) if there was a ‘tutorial’ and not trial and error to find out how and where to place you menu … ?

is it possible to simply copy it into text editor and then run it ?

there are 2 or 3 other commands i d’ like to see added to this may be
like re center to CG or cursor which i find very difficult to find in 2.5!

Thanks and happy 2.5

heya, glad to know its helpful

RickyBlender: yes it should run from a script/text editor inside blender 2.5. The only problem being that every time you run it, it will add another copy of itself to the menu. Could you explain the commands you’d like added? if its changing the object center you can do that through object>transform>origin to geometry or origin to 3D cursor?

PKHG:I looked through the code for the other addons in to find out how to build the menu. In a text editor you can also press text>script templates>… There was still a lot of trial and error though!

hope that helps.

Yes your link to … is great… just got ‘keyboard’ layouts … :eyebrowlift2: Thanks!

Text-editor => Script Templates is (in my Version SVN 31095) empty?!:eek:

You know how to fill it with (interesting) Templates?