Addon to Sync 3D Viewports Together

Hey yall, I’ve made an addon inspired by ZBrush’s thumbnail view. This will let you sync individual viewports together such that they will have the same view in real time. Please let me know what you think and if you encounter any bugs. You can grab it from my Github here


  • Can selectively sync viewports together via a toggle-able button in the header region
    • Only the view is synced, everything else can be configured independently as usual
      • i.e. two viewports can be sync where one displays wireframe while the other displays material preview
  • Works in all Object Modes
  • Three sync modes for viewports with sync enabled:
    • Sync all viewports in the same window
    • Sync all viewports in the same workspace (also syncs other open windows with a 3d viewport)
    • Sync all viewports in the blend file, which will work across workspaces
  • Performance Toggles:
    • Pause sync on all viewports
    • Don’t sync during playback
    • Don’t sync viewports in camera view

Syncing Viewports in the same window

Syncing Viewports in the same workspace

Known Minor Issue: If a viewport is syncing and it enters quad view, all quad view settings will be set to false.


Sync all viewports in the blend file, which will work across workspaces

Oh dear lord, thank you.

Please post a donation link, your coffee/snack/lunch is waiting.


Now I have to find out to what extent these two addons complement/overlap each other.


Ahh I wasn’t aware that addon already existed. Thanks for showing me.

From a glance at Michael’s source code, it is specifically designed to sync only the largest viewport across workspaces, and has more fine control over what settings to sync across what workspace. Meanwhile my addon has more fine control over exactly which viewport to sync and works within the same workspace in real time, but not much else.


I like having more control over which ones to sync- I prefer your add-on, truth be told. Nice work :slight_smile:

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The fine-tuning for the viewports is really much more detailed with your addon.
I really like it, thank you very much for this.

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Sure! Here ya go, made a gumroad page for this:

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What are the chances that you could make a similar addon, that does this with the Outliner?

(IE, when I move from one layout to another, the Outliner retains the current layout/expansion/etc of the layout i just left.)

Hmm I’m not quite sure what you mean by that, could you provide some screenshots as example?

Update blender 4

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I tested the addon in 4.0 and it seems to work without issue. Are you having issues on your end?

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its not working in Blender 4… pls Update

I think you’re confusing the synchronize workspaces addon with the sync viewport addon. I am not the developer for that, please raise the issue in Synchronize Workspaces - Blender Add-on