[AddOn] Topbar search button (2.8)

This Project will no longer be supported due to a new project that brings more flexibility and combustibility to the header buttons

There has been quite a bit of discussion around the search option being hidden with 2.8 and that was also what i experienced.
A common approach to this in modern software is to have a search option in the topbar, clearly visible for everybody and i thik its a nice place for a search option. However the blender search is for operators so it might not be what one might expect when comparing to other software that do this.
Nonetheless i created this small addon which adds a button to the topbar to do the search.

EDIT: the button needed to be moved to the 3D View header due to viewport dependencies.


Ah, thank you! <3

Do you have any plans to add more buttons? Open, Save(!), Undo, Redo for example… I think it would be very useful.

Unfortunately, Merge Tool Operator [ and Set Origin to Selected (etc…) ] Add-on(s) is not working with search button. :confused:

I have not but now that you mention it it might be intresting to add some mor options.

Hm that error looks strange, i will see if i can reproduce it and see whats causing it.

@COB-666 can you post a link to one of the addons? i have a hard time finding them.

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Merge Tool Operator (= “Maya Style Merge Tool” )
Set Origin To Selected

it seems the mouse needs to be in the 3d view when the search menu is opened for the operators of those addons to function. Since the search button is in the header we get some issues here.

I will have to check if there is a workaround for this but im not very optimistic about it and i suspect there will also be built in operators that will have the same issue.

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I noticed another “error”.
Search button is not find the “Offset Edge Slide” .

@COB-666 Is that also from a addon?

I don’t think so. :stuck_out_tongue:

huh what is that, i dont know this after all my years blending:D i will have to check that option!

EDIT: what shortcut opens that menu? o_O

Edit mode, select Edge and press W. :slight_smile: ( or right click, I don"t know… it’s W for me )
( https://www.blender3darchitect.com/blender-3d/blender-2-8-where-is-the-specials-menu/ )

nice location.

i needed to change the location of the search button to the 3d view header (the only options are left or right, so i put it on the left side for now. let me know if yu think the right end of the header would be better.

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i made a new addon which lets you create your won buttons for the top bar instead of adding more and more buttons myself. i guess that might allow you to add all those options.

you can fine the new addon over here:

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