[Addon] UltiMaze - Artistic Custom Maze Generation

UltiMaze [Pro] is now available on Gumroad (preferred)! - $8-20

UltiMaze [Pro] is available on the Blender Market! - $20

Go have fun generating massively cool mazes! Let me know if you need help or have any questions by posting here, or contact the email address included at the bottom of the add-on.

We originally developed this tool to meet a specific need in our studio for a game that is in development, but we got a bit sidetracked when we realized its potential. We began pouring lots of hours into further developing it, and UltiMaze [Pro] grew into the powerful maze generation engine that it is today. We believe that it will serve you well in crafting beautiful mazes just as it has for us.

UltiMaze [Pro] is the one-stop solution for efficient designing and building 3D mazes in Blender. Everything from building mazes using pre-modeled tiles to image maze creation is covered in this complete maze generation add-on.

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Thanks to Bart for posting an article on BlenderNation about UltiMaze!

BTW, if you want access to this add-on for free, it is actually in a public repo on github here. Even so, I ask that you please support development by purchasing an official version from the Blender Market. This is GPL3, so it is a fully open-source, free add-on with the option to support it. It is the same pricing model that is used for the Code Autocomplete add-on and RetopoFlow. Both can be downloaded directly from GitHub, but you can support them by purchasing it from the Blender Market.

Cool , verry nice addon :evilgrin:

@Benny Thanks, I hope it serves you well!

@everyone Don’t be shy to give feedback…I will still give limited support (I can’t promise anything quick) even if you didn’t purchase it from the Blender Market :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I just dropped the price to $10 for a little while…let me know if you think it’s overpriced :slight_smile:

Hmm…after the first 5 days, there haven’t been any more sales, and only one other user has posted in this thread. There also hasn’t been the usual plethora of comments about issues installing the free version of the add-on :slight_smile:

Is this because no one needs a maze building add-on, nobody has anything to say about it, or no one even knows this is free.

I would love to hear your opinion on this :wink:

Graphics_Dev, it’s amazing add-on. I just didn’t have the time to utilize it but I’ve played with many options and settings.
I saw you have implemented many algorithms like Kruskal’s, Prim’s …

Which algorithm circular mazes are being made by ?

Would it be possible to implement circular mazes like this ?


@soul Nice render! Circular mazes are something that I’ve thought about for a while, but I don’t think it is very feasible at the moment. AFAIK the algorithms are similar (I think almost exactly the same), but the building process is much more difficult. However, I have more recently updated the add-on to use the BMesh module which may allow for this more easily when compared with the old generation methods that I used before the add-on’s release. On the other hand, tiles would obviously not work in the same way with a circular maze…

If you are interested, you can look through the article links from our wiki (it is intended for us, but you may find it enlightening/interesting). I list some of the algorithms that I expect to implement at some point. While I list the summary of the different algorithms at the end of the wiki, you can get more details by reading the various articles that I listed.

To hopefully answer your question, I don’t think that circular mazes are possible to directly build right now, but I will certainly look into it at some point. I would be interested in hearing thoughts on how a circular maze would work…

The Blender Market is having a massive “birthday sale” for the next 3 days. They asked me to share the news, so here is my UltiMaze [Pro] on sale for only $7.50:

There are over 200 products on sale, so even if you aren’t looking for this pack, you will likely find something very useful on sale.

Hey everyone, I’m back! I did 4 years of school and then got a software engineering gig that I’ve been working the last year or so.

I’m working on updating my add-ons to Blender 3.x now (this one was last working on 2.79 lol). It’s a slow process, but after hours of headache and frustration, I’m excited that it just generated a maze directly in Blender 3.x! :smiley: So happy that I had to post it now haha

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Tile-based generation is back in order :slight_smile:

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Hi! Off to buy this asap. Thanks for updating.

Ultimately I’d love to be able to create a maze city with this (or some other method!). Or perhaps just a street map… using a path from this?

I’m not good at blender yet, far to go. I understand the possibilities and have watched so many videos, but navigating blender itself is a bit of a learning curve.

Do you know if this lends itself to city (particles?) or street creation? I think curves or paths can be used to get elements (the street bits or a path for a car or even a marble) to stick to them?

The other thing I was wondering about was a random height adjustment/ node(??) for a simpler city built around the basic blocks? Random heights built in would be awesome, I think :thinking: :joy::+1:t3:

Apologies the precise terminology escapes me :man_facepalming:t3::joy:


Hey Schmick! Welcome to Blender Artists!

Thanks, I really appreciate the enthusiastic support!!

So if you want full-on city generation, there’s probably better tools out there, but if you want a maze that looks like a city, this can definitely work. You’ll have to create a tile set where the path elements are roads and have building lots for the other tiles (I wouldn’t put buildings or any props on at first so it can be easily randomized later). Then you could create the building structures and use geometry nodes to instance them randomly at certain tile points. That’s a rough concept for it, maybe someone else has a better idea, but I might be able to throw together a tutorial video for you in the next couple days. If you post your progress here, I’ll try to help you out :slight_smile:

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Haha yes I have a few city generation assets waiting for me but I’m a bit enchanted by mazes so am motivated to get something working in this direction.

I haven’t seen much in the way of what I’m thinking :thinking: for short clips, but games are probably all over it, I’m just not a gamer.

I’m looking forward to playing with this! I’ve seen some different ways to apply lights/ windows, so that’s covered. I have some street assets and path generators and have a vague idea of materials. Just have to try and tie it together.

A happy project!

Thanks again for updating it. I can’t imagine the time and complexity of creating these kinds of tools. It’s a skill!

Take care. :sunny:

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Here’s a starter setup:

  1. I found a bug if you set the same object to multiple tile slots in UltiMaze…will fix soon, but workaround is just to use the same mesh reference in the default tile objects like I did here
  2. Added simple geonodes to randomly select and scale trees from within a collection
  3. I disabled “merge tiles” in UltiMaze, then went to outline after generation and searched for “wall”. I selected everything, then used “B” in the 3D view to deselect the default tiles. Then I made one active (LMB) and used Ctrl-J to join them to one mesh. I added the geometry nodes setup to that.

Download my progress as of that screenshot here:

city.blend (3.6 MB)

And you said you wanted a random height adjustment…I think we can do that with geo nodes, but I’ll have to play with it. I only started learning those recently. I’m actually considering making the whole tile maze generation just be a big geometry node tree rather than instancing objects itself. I can programmatically create nodes, so it’s essentially the same thing as instancing meshes from python (that’s what I’m telling myself anyways, optimistic thinking, I know)

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Yes, I was wondering if it would be too tricky to add a randomized height function in for the wall/ object/ tile part of the maze?

If I extrude that up and create ‘buildings’ or high-rises, it would be super cool if a height randomizer was cooked into the process. If too tricky, all good. Though it might get tricky if we also considered different widths with different heights. :eyes:

I’ve seen stuff like that done before on tutorials and can probably work my way up to random heights pretty easily - given enough time :+1:t3::sunny:

But if it’s easy enough, I wouldn’t talk you out of it :thinking::wink: MK

Is this more what you’re after? I just added a geometry node setup to that same “walls” object I made in the Blend file above.

Then separated by face > extruded faces with zero offset > used the top faces selection and geometry to then send to a scale node that randomly scales each one of those faces down 0.4-0.5x the original scale.

Then sent that to a secondary extrude mesh that uses the same face selection (the ones inside each square that have been scaled down) to extrude it up along the z-axis.


To take it a step further…

You can make this a node group and have “steps” of extrusions to get something more like this: