[Addon] UltiMaze

UltiMaze [Pro] is now available on the Blender Market! - $10

Go have fun generating massively cool mazes! Let me know if you need help or have any questions by posting here, or contact the email address included at the bottom of the add-on.

We originally developed this tool to meet a specific need in our studio for a game that is in development, but we got a bit sidetracked when we realized its potential. We began pouring lots of hours into further developing it, and UltiMaze [Pro] grew into the powerful maze generation engine that it is today. We believe that it will serve you well in crafting beautiful mazes just as it has for us.

UltiMaze [Pro] is the one-stop solution for efficient designing and building 3D mazes in Blender. Everything from building mazes using pre-modeled tiles to image maze creation is covered in this complete maze generation add-on.

Thanks to Bart for posting an article on BlenderNation about UltiMaze!

BTW, if you want access to this add-on for free, it is actually in a public repo on github here. Even so, I ask that you please support development by purchasing an official version from the Blender Market. This is GPL3, so it is a fully open-source, free add-on with the option to support it. It is the same pricing model that is used for the Code Autocomplete add-on and RetopoFlow. Both can be downloaded directly from GitHub, but you can support them by purchasing it from the Blender Market.

Cool , verry nice addon :evilgrin:

@Benny Thanks, I hope it serves you well!

@everyone Don’t be shy to give feedback…I will still give limited support (I can’t promise anything quick) even if you didn’t purchase it from the Blender Market :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I just dropped the price to $10 for a little while…let me know if you think it’s overpriced :slight_smile:

Hmm…after the first 5 days, there haven’t been any more sales, and only one other user has posted in this thread. There also hasn’t been the usual plethora of comments about issues installing the free version of the add-on :slight_smile:

Is this because no one needs a maze building add-on, nobody has anything to say about it, or no one even knows this is free.

I would love to hear your opinion on this :wink:

Graphics_Dev, it’s amazing add-on. I just didn’t have the time to utilize it but I’ve played with many options and settings.
I saw you have implemented many algorithms like Kruskal’s, Prim’s …

Which algorithm circular mazes are being made by ?

Would it be possible to implement circular mazes like this ?


@soul Nice render! Circular mazes are something that I’ve thought about for a while, but I don’t think it is very feasible at the moment. AFAIK the algorithms are similar (I think almost exactly the same), but the building process is much more difficult. However, I have more recently updated the add-on to use the BMesh module which may allow for this more easily when compared with the old generation methods that I used before the add-on’s release. On the other hand, tiles would obviously not work in the same way with a circular maze…

If you are interested, you can look through the article links from our wiki (it is intended for us, but you may find it enlightening/interesting). I list some of the algorithms that I expect to implement at some point. While I list the summary of the different algorithms at the end of the wiki, you can get more details by reading the various articles that I listed.

To hopefully answer your question, I don’t think that circular mazes are possible to directly build right now, but I will certainly look into it at some point. I would be interested in hearing thoughts on how a circular maze would work…

The Blender Market is having a massive “birthday sale” for the next 3 days. They asked me to share the news, so here is my UltiMaze [Pro] on sale for only $7.50:

There are over 200 products on sale, so even if you aren’t looking for this pack, you will likely find something very useful on sale.