[Addon] Urfs Pie - A Grease Pencil Animation Pie

I really wanted more options in my grease pencil pie menu. I have no idea how to code…but with persistence and patience…I present Urf’s Pie. My first addon.

Urf’s Pie.jpe (26.2 KB)

Default hotkey is set to D + E. Its the same menu as D + W but with a few tweaks. Remove/Add/Duplicate layers, Keyframe back/Play/Keyframe Fwd, Timeline scrubbing, and Select All linked vertices.

Made to make life easier for the 2D traditional animators using Blender’s grease pencil.

looks pretty awesome!

Removed the select linked since its easy to get to using D+Q and added Frame Advance x 2. I animate on 2’s and this is a huge time saver. :smiley:
Urf’s Pie.jpe (35.8 KB)

very cool job


I see you have different corners on buttons and have always wondered: Is there’s a way to control those button border/angles?

They told me you cant put a square peg in a round hole…but with enough force it will go in. Thats how I coded this. :smiley:
I think by putting the buttons in columns and rows it gives the illusion of rounded corners. I know in my code there was text"" and I could leave it blank or type something in. When completely blank my buttons were pushed to the right so I put in a space like text" " to get them semi centered.

Not helpful i know but hey…it works.