[Addon] View manage tool

Addons–> 3D View–> View Manage Tool

Blender : (2, 70, 0),
Location: “3D View->properties panel”

This is add-on to save , delete ,rename view. The angle means rotate around view Z relative to current saved view.
With this tool ,you can save and resort the view easily, you can cut the faces with knife precisely.


Download here.
updated 2014-06-01
view_manage_tool_02.zip (1.68 KB)

great tool

Thanks :D,I have been a reader in BA for long time, this few days begin to do something for others, hope it is useful.

Great tool. Saves me from having to create a special camera for each view of all those parts rotated to odd angles. Thanks for sharing this.

Is this not something you can do just by changing the “Scene” menu or “Screen” menu at the top of the blender window

well, the addon has a very good potential, but its not quite there yet.
First, it doesent respect grid floor, most people are working with a grid floor enabled, me too, so this is a big issue.
Second, it allows only 3 views to be saved which is a limitation, the users may need an unlimited number of views for a presentation of a big and complicated models/scenes.
Third, I think it is better to make them in an open list, instead of closed one. I mean, an interface like the interface of shapekeys and vertex groups tab - this way the user will go to the stored view of their choice by one klick, instead of two klicks, like it is right now
Also, there was another addon called “stored views” that was better implemented, but it doesent work with current versions. However, I have it on my hard, so, if you re interested in looking its code, of even repairing it for the 2.7 series, just PM me and I will send it to you!

I second the notion, nixy, the Stored Views was a lightning add-on, it is wonder how it didn’t make it to trunk, or even default features… It was simple to use and very capable…

Thanks very much for your test and advice.
When I begin to make this addon, the problem I want to solve is knife tool can not cut in specific angle , for example 12.5 degree. So the first name for this addon is “View rotate helper”, then I think if the view can be saved and restored needed ,it is better, the name become “View manager tool”. I don’t know the “stored views” before , I have view the addon just now ,it is great, I can learn much from it.

For your advice :

First, when I change the view ,I find the grid floor not to redraw with the view ,so I make it invisible arbitrarily.:eyebrowlift:Now I have turn on it.
Second,there is no 3 views limited , perhaps I make some mistake, I have upadated the python file, it is ok now.
Third, I agree an interface like the interface of shapekeys is better, I have not so much knowlege about blender UI now, I’ll improve it in future.

Again,thank you for your patiently comment.

Hi, krokodil and Okavango, thank you for the notion, Stored Views is great.
I am a blender hobbyist, make the addon for myself firstly, if someone thinks it is helpful, I’ll be happy.

This is great !!Thanks man,I really need this :yes:!!!

It’s seems broken. But I find another useful addon: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/3D_interaction/stored_views

hi stored views addon is in contrib addons, link here: https://developer.blender.org/diffusion/BAC/browse/master/stored_views/

Whoa! Great job guys!

Just needed to correct the init. name and it worked.

Many thanks, people don’t know what they’re missing…

Simple and effective. Good works on Blender 2.77 official. Thanks