[Addon] Viewport Navigation Without Middle Mouse Button

If you prefer to select with the Left Mouse Button, Blender does not offer a native way of avoiding using the Middle Mouse Button for viewport navigation. This Addon solves the problem by providing additional mousing commands, with no changes being made to the Key Configuration.

2D Windows:

Pan: Alt-RMB
Zoom: Alt-Ctrl-RMB

3D View:

Rotate: RMB (no modifier)
Move/Pan: Alt-RMB
Zoom: Alt-Ctrl-RMB

3D View Cursor Placement: Shift-Ctrl-RMB

For beginners, a short tutorial is on YouTube:

For advanced users, well, it’s simple: enable the addon. Full details and more options are at the top of the script file itself. The Addon can be obtained from here:

I hope this is of use.

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Hi the link on You Tube no longer works . well its private. Can you add a link or a free download?