[Addon] Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning($)


I have made a voxel heat diffuse skinning add-on for Blender.

Here is the introduction: http://www.mesh-online.net/voxel.html

Blender Market(Last updated on October 16, 2017):
Blender Market Store - Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning - Blender Addon v1.0 ($37.5)

FastSpring’s Digital Store(Last updated on October 16, 2017):
FastSpring Store - Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning - Blender Addon v1.0 ($32)

Here is the showcase:

Here is the video tutorial:





Wait a sec.
Did you recreate the Maya’s Geodesic Voxel Binding inside Blender? :open_mouth:

No, I use ray tracing technology to build voxel grid, more stable than Maya’s Geodesic Voxel Binding.

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The algorithm is quite different from Maya’s algorithm, I aim better result and better skinning solution.
The speed is slower than Maya’s algorithm, skinning a typical character made with MakeHuman, the running time varies from 1 minute to 3 minutes.

wow, very cool indeed.

ill get it once its on gumroad of blendermarket. very interesting!

This is some intresting stuff and making it better than in maya would make blender community soooo proud :DD

i have a question so after you apply your method this new skinning gets baked to the vertex weights right?, meanin you dont need the addon for the animation stage, only when weighting you apply and done?

It can not instead the animation stage, it just automatically generate vertex weights, you need to type ‘Ctrl’+‘P’, click ‘Armature Deform’, thus let the bones drive the mesh.

I’d love to see some more examples of this in practice. Very interested in buying.

Just updated the video, added two more examples - peacock skinning example and dust spirit example.
Hope you like it.

It’s amazing. Thanks meshonline for bringing this feature to Blender. Looking forward buying it :D:D:D
My only complain is it seems quite slow from the video demonstration. 3 minutes to bind, while Maya or 3dsMax take 10 seconds. Any plans to speed this up? Using cython, c++ implementation?

Actually, the speed is not that slow, recording the full screen video occupied some CPU resources, when I run normally, it runs 2 minutes 8 seconds on my Mac.

Maya use GPU to speed up, which may sacrifice some quality, for they use multi-view-slices to instead the true ray tracing pass, this may cause wrong result with some 3d models.

The product will release on BlenderMarket next week.

Ok, thanks for the information.
Another thing though, in the video you mention the fingers are better skinned with the Blender heatmap solver than with voxel (as far as i understand). Sorry to compare once again, but in Maya or Max the voxel skinning of fingers went alright with several models i’ve tried, with a 256-512 resolution. Is it possible to get correct fingers skinning with your addon?

Maya use high resolution voxel grid to deal with fingers, you can also use high resolution voxel grid with the add-on to deal with fingers, it really works.

Though high resolution voxel grid works well with fingers, high resolution voxel grid may bring side effects on other mesh parts, for example, the clothes parts, the hair parts, and the equipment parts , these parts may break into pieces in high resolution mode, that’s why I don’t recommend high resolution voxel grid solution, it’s not perfect in all cases.

Combine built-in heat map skinning and voxel heat diffuse skinning is a better solution, it always get perfect result.

BTW. the kernel is already written in c++, I am optimizing the code now, the latest code is about four times faster than the current version.

I will upgrade the add-on when the code becomes mature.

Tested the latest code, most my 3d animal models run for less than 10 seconds, I will merge the optimized code in the second release version, cheers!

Very nice to hear! Can’t wait… I will definitely buy it.

edit: The very good thing is it’s possible to preserve the blender heatmap skinning on the facial and hands. Voxels won’t produce as sharp results as heatmaps for the lips, eyelids skinning, so this is perfect! :eyebrowlift:

The product has released on Blender Market, the release version has achieved 3.5 times faster than the pre-release version.
URL: Blender Market Store - Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning - Blender Addon v1.0

Updated the add-on:

  1. Compatible with Auto-Rig Pro.
  2. No longer need to apply location, rotation and scale.

The add-on is mature now.

This is really something. I’ll have to pick this up soon. There are many problems with Blender’s default heat mapping that I hope this will help me overcome.