[AddOn] Window Generator 2

DragoneLEE, the problem with the addon is not your problem, it was a corrupted startup.blend file. Second time this year my startup got bungled. Nice to see just how this is modifiable. Thanks.

hello every body,
I do not find the add-on “window generator” for blender
I find the script which content some scripting and so I cannot install it.
I try with the text editor and when I run the script there is error.
where is the add-on adress which is install from user preferences ?
I hope someone can help me?
thank you in advance


Wow, that is a timesaver, thanks very much for sharing your work.

Awesome Work!
It should be implement in the next blender build.

amazing addon, thanks, but i got a problem? when i run the script the addon works, but i cant seem to find a way to save it for the next start-up of blender… i tried to press “save start-up file” after i run the script but it just isnt there the next time i open blender. How do i install it permanently

To install this script for later re-use I did the following.
Download script and open in a text editor - Notepad or whatever
Save file in Blender directory under 2.68/python/lib directory inside blender- I saved it as add_Window.py
open blender
open user preferences
Goto add-on tab
at the bottom of the add-on tab look for “install-from-file” button
This brings up a file browser and you have to find your way to your blender install directory /python/lib
select the add_Window.py file
When you have the file selected hit the install from file button in the top right corner.
Now type window in the search bar at the top left of the add-ons it should list the add-on in the main window. make sure you enable the add-on here.
Then hit the save user settings button in the bottom left corner.

Not sure browser your using but if you right click or equivalent on Mac and do save as or save link as then save it on your hard disk then you can load it into Blender as normal.

Nice stuff! This is super helpful for AV.

Thanks for the script. It’s very helpful
I understand correctly in assuming there is no way to get the window parameters again after I initially add the window?

Hi, everyone!

Just a heads up, our friend Alex Telford (http://alextelford.carbonmade.com/) has updated the script enabling input of rotation, like what Andrew Price has requested.




thank you a lot for you generosity

Yep - thanks a lot for your cool work!

thx much, great addon

Parametric object, Great!

merge panes
unlimited panes
openable panes ++++

coming soon

Looks nice :slight_smile: Can’t wait :slight_smile:

What a handy dandy bit of scripting there… great job, real time saver, especially for people who do alot of architectural modeling.

This is awesome!! Can I just ask how you can get the tool panel up once you have moved the window in object mode? It seems to disappear?

Hi everyone! I have a problem. When i try to install plugin from file, Blender throw error, just noname error of installation “Source file is in the addon search path: …/scripts/addons/add Window.py”.
I use Blender 2.70a. Another plugins always have succeed installations from file.
Have anyone something similar?

Great add-on, but when I pres Shift-A -> mesh -> there are two window buttons, in both the original and in the script with rotation. Both buttons add the same window and do the same thing.

EDIT: It is fixed now, sorry about that, I don’t know what was going on.