Addon won't enable in Blender 2.93 (mod.register) issue

I am trying to port an addon from Blender 2.7 to 2.93. When I enable the addon I get the following error (see screenshot below)

This is the addon >> (3.4 MB)

How do I make it work in Blender 2.93? Kindly assist

IU has changed radically since this addon, the old tool shelf is not there any more.

The addon folder contains two blend files you can save them and manually append the grass and weed models from those files into your project.

Thanks for the suggestion. The reason I am trying to make the addon work is I would like to add a few more assets to the blend file and have preview thumbnails to make it easy for other users to access and use the assets. Is there a way to update the file to work in Blender 2.93?

Thanks, I will have a look.

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Alternative (Add-on)


WOW! Exactly what I am looking for. You are a lifesaver!!!

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