[Addon] WorkingHours Recorder

This is the add-on which shows working hours to upper right in Blender.

GitHub: https://github.com/saidenka/Blender-WorkingHours
Download: https://github.com/saidenka/Blender-WorkingHours/archive/master.zip

New: It is a working hour after you start Blender.
File: It is a working hour every a blend file.
All: It is the working hour of all you

I’m Japanese, but Japanese isn’t included in add-on.
Thank you for reading poor English. :yes:

Cool , thank you !

It’s a timer that records how long you have the file open.
I was curious if it showed how long you were actually doing something in Blender, it does not.

Man this could be really handy, great work!

I would still say that you need to redo the layout, it looks way to complicated for something this easy. having dropdowns with a gazillion icons just doesnt make sence to something this simple.

Have a look at this plugin for chrome that i use dayly, it needs to be more in this direction.


Good one, thanks.

Man if you can send that data to asana to keep tracking of how long it took to work on some specific scene, that would be perfect for time management!!!