[Addons] Alternate Menus

Display Setups for 2.77

This thread have some examples of alternate Menus.
The Image below is also one Menu from the new Setup on Gitup.

Image: Object Color seems to be empty, but click on it…it will be there!

…!!! Orientation Menu !!!..
> instruction to change the global override of shortcuts
> new link to full zip:



…!!! Orientation Menu !!!..
> instruction to change the global override of shortcuts




…!!! Selection Menu !!!..
> instruction to change the global override of shortcuts


…!!! Selection Menu - Updated !!!..
> instruction to change the global override of shortcuts
> two version: with and without icons



Alternate with panel and menu

Thx for the links :wink:

I wonder if it is possible to make a pie menu with custom menus inside it.

Yes it is! And it works very well!

Yes it is! And it works very well!
Check the Dynamic Spacbar Menu (JayDez, sim88, meta-androcto, sam) > one of the best


… i think if you know where your buttons are located, you can be very fast with it.

            # Edit mode

            pie.menu("VIEW3D_MT_edit_mesh_vertices", text="Edit Vertices", icon="VERTEXSEL") 
            pie.menu("VIEW3D_MT_edit_mesh_edges", text="Edit Edges", icon="EDGESEL") 
            pie.menu("VIEW3D_MT_uv_map", text="Unwrap", icon="UV_FACESEL") 
            pie.menu("VIEW3D_MT_edit_mesh_faces", text="Edit Face", icon="FACESEL") 
            pie.menu("INFO_MT_mesh_add", text="Add Mesh", icon="OBJECT_DATA")
            pie.menu("VIEW3D_MT_snap", "Snap", icon="SNAP_ON")            

            pie.menu("VIEW3D_MT_edit_mesh_specials", "Special", icon="OUTLINER_DATA_LAMP")

            pie.menu("VIEW3D_MT_select_edit_mesh",text="Select Mesh", icon="UV_SYNC_SELECT")  

I have seen you shading menu > great work!
I hope you’ll forgive that I modify it a little bit for me…:slight_smile:

It’s great :wink:

We can do those menus too > http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?345923-Pie-Menus-(official)-Customization/page2&highlight=pie+menu

One button to controle all of them ^^

Done! I copy and paste it in.

…!!! Functions to Header !!!..

version 0-1

version 0-3


New Display Setup on Github for 2.77 (independent one / wiki comes!)


Excellent I’m glad that i found this

nice job, really like this set up. thanks.

Great update to the tools! I’m diggin the UV Tools too!

Hi link is not working, is these improvements coming to 2.79 if not it really should super neat job :slight_smile:

The link is OK . . . Looks at the signature of @mkbreuer :eyebrowlift:

Hy! I removed it from github, because there a polished versions on the way.