[Addons] EWOCprojects tools collection

(nirenyang) #41

Thanks!Great tool package.

(kakachiex2) #42

i downloaded latest blender build and i see your tools collection are in contribute and the version is 1.0 and the version on your site is 0.34 the point is.

  • all the addons give errors I tested with the one on your site and the contribute version and crash blender
  • edge tune give errors
  • parEdge give erros and the rest too I will post some screen later my internet connection is off, I don’t know when it will be connected

(paleajed) #43

contrib version 1.1.0

Indeed a special version is available with svn builds in addon_contrib; enable “Testing” in UserPreferences->AddOns to get to it! This special version lacks PolyRedux and CreaPrim, cause theyre featured elsewhere in addons_contrib. Also misses FilletPlus since its an adaptation from someone elses code, and I only want my native addons in here, because of possible inclusion with Blender in the (far) future.

I just uploaded new version to contrib: all addons have been cleaned up and some made a bit better. Will take a little while before itll be part of downloadable builds though…

@kakachiex : a lot of the tools wouldnt work together nicely with PreSel, possible cause of your problems, the new upload should work good.
Standard EWOCprojects tools will be updated soon.

(paleajed) #44

contrib version 1.3.0

Added DeCouple and KeepTrans to the contrib tools. Soon in a build near you.

(JWise) #45

Until that new build comes out the next day, where can we download your current contrib version?

(paleajed) #46

I put together a quick zip.

(NinthJake) #47

You rock paleajed! Seriously, such an awesome collection of super-useful scripts.

Thank you so much for your hard work.

(comeinandburn) #48

thanks so much! What a great collection!

(paleajed) #49

Version 0.4.0

Long overdue 2.70 ánd 2.71 compatible version now downloadable.

(kakachiex2) #50

is this updated in contribute addons

(kakachiex2) #51

hey paleajed how about to put all your addons in github

(paleajed) #52

not yet but soon

(paleajed) #53

What would be the advantage of that?

(kakachiex2) #54

paredge > both sides don’t work
tune edge > wen tuning and edge looks what happens the same edge get distorted

(kakachiex2) #55
  • other dev can contribute more easy to the code
  • i think is more easy for user to make a local repo for updates
    i have a lots of addons from git in my contribute folder and i only have to update from git repo

(kakachiex2) #56

during the week i will post some icons for the tool collection

(paleajed) #57

New version 0.4.1 online.

ParEdge, StraightenPlus and FloodSel fixed to work correctly when Region Overlap is on (which fixes the “both sides” problem).

Cant replicate the EdgeTune problem… maybe post the .blend?

(matali) #58

hi ewoc,
nice collection! Some pages like creaprim don’t link to the correct file (in that case it point to LWO exporter).

Kind Regards

(paleajed) #59

The CreaPrim page has been fixed!

You say ‘some pages’… which others?

(matali) #60

Just checked all links again, everything all right, sorry if I dreamed it.