[Addons] EWOCprojects tools collection

(paleajed) #61

The EWOCprojects tools that come in addons_contrib have been updated to version 1.4.0.

(PLyczkowski) #62

>The EWOCprojects tools that come in addons_contrib have been updated to version 1.4.0.


(paleajed) #63

Hey you guys,

Ive decided to take the EWOCprojects tools collection to the Blender Market. I am very happy with the prospect of earning some money for my work, as I think it should bring much fruit to the open source movement if also more open source programmers would benefit financially for their work, it would allow for more followup from the programmers, allow for more development to be done and will probably make users more aware of the need to report bugs and help development with ideas (as a paying user seems to be more ‘aware’ of what he is using and waht he expects from it…) I see it like this that, if no-one donated to the Blender effort, both users and companies, there would not be as strong a Blender as there is now, and money should flow to the addon writers as well more too to allow for better quality and and diversity of addons. I think past open source projects have shown asking for donations for small projects does not work out at all for the programmer, and so I think the Blender Market would more clearly convey the idea at least a minimal financial benefit would be expected by the programmer. Most importantly, the “open source” aspect of all my addons will be still there, so future learning from and use and reuse of my code for other programmers will still benefit the creative programmers community at large.

As it is Ill continue distributing the current tools collection version on my website, since I made clear in the past all programs downloadable would remain free. But, as it stands, all new versions will be made available on the Blender Market only. Also I would like to ask all new users to already buy from the Market instead of download from the site because of the reasons set out above.

One last thing, as Ive given up on the idea of getting the collection included in Blender in the future, I really should pull back the collection from the Blender versions it was distributed with (in addons_contrib) in the past, most importantly also since I wont be following up on its development except for on the Market, and . I hope current users who expect the collection to be on their Blender version, will find their way to the Market too.

If anyone else has remarks about this move to the Market, you can post here.

(PLyczkowski) #64

Hey, good luck! Your tools are awesome, so they deserve to be kept alive.

(dank0) #65

I was just looking for your tools at Blender market and couldn’t find them. I need the Fillet Plus plugin for 2.73

(paleajed) #66

Ok, to clarify things a bit, the tools collection has not been approved for inclusion on the Blender Market, and will thus remain just free as it always was. Good news to most probably.
I haven’t tested FilletPlus recently, is there a problem with recent versions? (download on my website or get for free with a custom Blender build).

(dank0) #67

i’m getting this error when i grab Distance value (script version 0.4.4):

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.73\scripts\addons\mesh_filletplus.py”, line 320, in execute
File “C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.73\scripts\addons\mesh_filletplus.py”, line 194, in do_filletplus
IndexError: BMElemSeq[index]: outdated internal index table, run ensure_lookup_table() first

location: <unknown location>:-1

(paleajed) #68

New version of tools on the website with a working FilletPlus!

(paleajed) #69

New version 1.4.3

Fixes CreaPrim issues.

(PLyczkowski) #70

Woah, this project is still alive? Nice.

(paleajed) #71

Might be more is not working, let me know…

(uruburei) #72

its ok thank you

(mathieu) #73

Really helpful collection :slight_smile: Fast origin print an error about missing fast_scale operator in latest blender builds. Meta-androcto said there is a new tool for fast origins. So maybe it’s best to remove it from the collection?
Filletplus is just awesome.

(urkokul) #74

Thanks for great work

(Nosslak) #75

I needed to use the decoupling script, but it didn’t work when I tried installing it, so I ended up fixing it. Here’s a link to the fixed version:

The only things I changed was the two lines in register and unregister (line 152 and 157) from ‘bpy.types.VIEW3D_PT_tools_objectmode’ to ‘bpy.types.VIEW3D_PT_tools_object’ and also I added the ‘children’ global variable on line 115 as it was missing.

I haven’t tried it very extensively yet, but it seems to be working as intended. Would be great if you could update the script on your site as well so others don’t need to fix it themselves to make it work with newer Blender versions.

(paleajed) #76

Thx for noticing and fixing, most of my scripts are rather dated. Often easy to fix. Thanks again, the new version is online.

(bkjernisted) #77

How do you install the ewocprojects_tools? It is in 7Z format. Thanks

(Michael Knubben) #78

You’ll need 7zip. In future, just google ‘file format’ and the extensions, and you could have found this out yourself!

(fjg3d) #79

Laprelax is so useful! Any chance to update just that one script?

(dank0) #80

I wish for 2.8 - laplace relax, straighten.