Addons Factory: [Addons Collection]

hi, I’ve zipped up my Addons Factory (AF) series of addons.
These addons are both a fork of Blender Addons (Except IO) & a merge of addons lost in Blender Tracker & from This Forum & Git Hub. Pay for addons are not included.
There are 15 zipped files containing well over 100+ addons.

Link to Zip files:
Please read instructions.

Link to My current ever merging & expanding collection of all things addons:

I highly recommend installing the full collection & patched files as I’ve fixed many issues in other peoples addons so they play more nicely with tabs & menu’s with much nicer integration into Blender’s menu structure.

Link To Documentation:
It’ stiill got some more work but each doc page has pics & information.



Any Questions feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

Thanks you. Nice work!

You’re making a massive job!
Hats off! Thx too!

Thank you meta, if it wasn’t for your addon collection I think that Name Panel and Armature Panel would be dead, as I had lost the work several times over the years, do to HDD failures.

Thanx so much Meta!

Fantastic work! , There must be at least something for everyone in this fruit basket.

thanks guy’s :slight_smile:
more updates coming soon.

Updated AF: mesh edit tools
This addon is an extended/development version of my mesh edit tools in contirb.
Updated Panel structure, made 3dview w key entry context sensitive.

The Question marks contain a pop up for basic hints on each addons usage, there’s some good tools in here, more to come in also.
Full tools list:
Vert: Pen Tool, Chamfer, Randomize Verts.
Edge: Fillet Plus, Offset Edges, Roundify, Edge Length, edge to wall (might rename this one extrude flat)
Face: Multi Extrude, Inset Fillet, Face Extrude, Cut Faces, Split Solidify.
Utils: Fast Loop, Normals Flip, Remove Doubles. ( I found these handy to have on hand when using the tools. )

To do:
More Scripts, Extend the Utils now it’s context sensitive it’s more useful.

Code Bugs! one of the pen tool ops get’s a “search for unknown operator error” if any can help fix it would be great!
Usage bugs, be careful to use each addon correctly, use the question/info button to help, if doing multiple operations using a couple of scripts, toggle object/edit mode to reset undo. save often, follow the instructions & you’ll find there’s plenty of unique & very useful tools.


for the love of Cthulhu… Maintaining all of this… Thank u @Meta-Androcto

Your effort will be useful to all blender users. It will be a great time saver. Thanks Mr.Meta-Androcto.

no updates yet, but a pic to show most of the Edit tools.

Wow, must check!

Really great that you include pictures as examples, makes it much more easy to see what the script does!

Hi Meta Androcto … just downloaded something …
The pictures above are needed to get an idea (at least for me)

Looked at one of the files , it is short and the names of the def’s are clear enough
Peter (still learning Japanese) saw the comments in Kanji and hirangana. The kanji special where nearly all new to me, the hiranga ok, in a sense easy.
TOTALLY clear after letting translate all those , copied the spoken text and its English translation into the file ==> great pleasure

hi PKHG, In mesh edit tools, face extrude is your bmesh port of geodesic domes faces. :slight_smile:

Wow will try :slight_smile:

Bump, Updated first post with new Wiki with all Addons Factory scripts having pages & most documentation done.

Gets Asset Flinger also an update for 2.77?

Rock on brother (¤¿¤)

@ mkbreuer It seems asset flinger fixed itself for 2.77 it’s in the main repo.

thanks tungerz :slight_smile: