Addons Factory & Blenderpython Build

I’ve released a win 64 Build Blender 2.75a.
In this Build is my entire working Addons collection.

Local Build, saves user prefs to it’s own config folder. No Installation. Unpack & Run.
Changes to the 3d view Object Mode menu’s.
File, Render, View, Select, Add, Object menu’s changed/patched.
New menu items such as up down buttons for pose library & all other library type panels.
New menu additions in many areas, Specials menu’s extended.
Auto translate Japanese elements of the menu’s.
Extended Add_Mesh/Object/Curve/Surface menu’s
Extended hot key menu’s:
=“Dynamic Spacebar Menu: Hotkey: spacebar”)
=“Multi Select Menu: Hotkey ctrl/tab”)
=“Manipulator Menu: Hotkey ctrl/spacebar”)
=“Select Vert Edge Face Menu: Hotkey, Right Mouse/Double Click”
= Shift/q Materials Utils

Changes to Addons:
Merged most Add_Mesh/Object/Curve/Surface menu’s.
Tidy up categories & move elements from there own tabs to existing tabs or into the ui N’key’ Properties.
Intergration & part translation of Saidenka’s Scramble Addon. (forms the base for Addon factory)
Much Much More!

To Use:
In this Build we offer a new system for some addons menu management.
You will notice new buttons in many places.
The “Menu Enable Toggle” button allows you to view or hide the additional menu items.
Once you become familiar with the build, you can save user settings & preferences to view hide only the new menu’s you like.
If you go into userprefs addons testing, you’ll find the Addons Factory Category, open the drop down for Addons Factory & you can Turn off the “Toggle Disable Menu” button here & save user prefs to hide the “Menu Enable Toggle” from everywhere in the ui.
This gives great custom menu’s without the enable of 100’s of small addons.

Note: Many addons have been changed & customized, many many external addons are included & very up to date.

Get The Build Here:

For Installation on other os, if you know what your doing & where your folders are, just cut & paste the scripts folder from the blenderpython repo into your blender folder. *experimental (do on a unpacked build, not in your main install)

Addon factory Based on work Here:

Full List of Included Addons:

Experimental Build that includes many Addons & new UI elements.

This is very much a work in progress & we welcome any help.

Thanks Dude! Sounds really good.