Addons for cinema?


which addons do you recommend for the production of cinema sets?


does anyone have any suggestions?

Can you explain better what you mean, and what you’re looking for? Your question is incredibly vague and generic without any specific information.

I draw scenarios like those of cinema
I’m an amateur

I was wondering if there are addons to help in the creation of these scenarios?

for example :
to get the materials dirty so they become more real
to deform objects to make them look more real
to illuminate scenes with reflectors just like professional cinema

Everything you need is already built into Blender…no need for extra add-ons.

do you know how to refer me to a package of procedural materials of all kinds? wood, metal, etc …
preferably interactive to configure the way I want?

Proceduralism and realism don’t necessarily go hand in hand since the first is an emulation of the second using mathematical tools like noises and masks.

For realistic materials I would suggest Quixel:

need not be 100% realistic materials

just be procedural, interactive and with a wide variety

do you know any package?

Go on YouTube, you will find a lot of great tutorials on how to create procedural materials in Blender.

Other than that, search around Gumroad and Artstation, I’m sure you’re going to find some stuff.

is it possible to use substance designer materials in eevee?

like ?