Addons Not Showing Up In Personal Preference Menu

Hello there, I am currently seeking help with a problem I have had trouble with for quite some time now.

As is indicated by the title, I cannot get addons to show up in the Personal Preference menu. I have tried manually placing the files into “…\Blender\2.69\scripts\addons” as well as the “Install From File” option in the Personal Preference menu itself. I have even tried reinstalling Blender, which did absolutely nothing. The addons I am trying to accomplish this with are multi_extrude by Liero and pymeshio 2.7.8.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions, thank you.

If they are old thay may not be compatible with the version of blender you are using.
For the multi extrude addon did you follow the installation instructions on its wiki download page ?
Try opeing the .py file in a blender text window and use the ‘Run Script’ button. Does it work or show up errors

I’ve opened the .py file in the text window, and it returned an error message. I indeed followed the installation instructions on the wiki download page for multi_extrude… It’s probably just me being silly and trying to install outdated addons, as you suggested. Thanks.