addons problem, where are the missing bytes? Error Totblock: 4 (this example)

In the very useful addon, to see the vertex, egde or and face numbers of a mesh

there is something not yet totally OK (SVN 32888 and earlier too)

I showd the vertices of the default Cube, removed them, and finished at once blender see:

found bundled python: C:\Users\Peter\25Blender\blenderLatest\2.55\python
read blend: C:\Users\Peter\25Blender\BGE\Help\bgescript.blend
        bpy.utils.addon_enable add_visualizer
        bpy.utils.addon_disable add_visualizer
*bpy stats* - tot exec: 4636,  tot run: 0.6252sec,  average run: 0.000135sec,  tot usage 0.7932%
Saved session recovery to C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Local\Temp\quit.blend
Error Totblock: 4
 len: 120 042F8FF8
wmOperatorPtrRNA len: 12 04BABEE8
IDProperty array dup len: 76 043849D8
wmOperatorReportList len: 28 04B275D8

Blender quit

What is where wrong?
This type of error occurs too in other (self made) addons … even with more ‘blocks’ missing possible …