Addons that can be used download (Public Domain) textures and/ or mark asset

Hi, I am looking for addons to simplify importing Public Domain (CC0) textures for PBR material creation and HDRis. I would like to compile a list of addons that allow you to download and filter (material) textures from Public Domain websites (e.g. Poly Haven, AmbientCG, etc.). I think it’s good to have the available options as part of a list to show what choices users may have. Some addons only use a particular site as source or have a different interface, for instance. And there should be one for every budget, whether that’s free or paid.

External browsers
These assets allow you to browse the catalogue from a particular website and view their contents inside of Blender. Once you have selected a texture you like, you can pick the resolution and download it for immediate use.

  • Easy PBR uses AmbientCG as source and also has a Github page.
  • [Free/ $] Blenderkit gives access to Poly/ Hdri Haven and all sorts of other CC0 assets (not sure which libraries at the time of writing).
  • [$] RanTools is a multi-purpose addon and uses Poly/ Hdri Haven HDRi as well as AmbientCG it is also able to create material assets from PBR materials on disk.

File management addons
Then there are file management addons, which work from files on disk:

  • Easy HDRi lets you choose a folder where you saved HDRis, it shows a preview thumbnail, allows you to quickly alternate and does some optional colour tweaking.
  • Lily Surface Scraper creates materials and downloads textures by copying the URL to the addon.
  • [$] OneClick PBR batch processes textures from a source folder to materials in a target folder and marks them as asset for use in the asset browser.
  • [$] Easy PBR Hook imports material textures and creates the material node tree but does not create material assets.
  • [$] RanTools is a multi-purpose addon that can be used to create material assets from textures. It is also listed under the External Browser category.

These are addons from commercial vendors which integrate with already established ecosystems of software. They can be free to use in combination with other subscription plans within the ecosystem.

  • Quixel bridge allows you to download files from the Quixel library, comes free with Unreal Engine.
  • Substance 3D addon allows you to bring Substance materials into Blender. Community assets are freely available here.

Note: The legacy website ( was moved over to the substance.3d.adobe domain and half of the materials is no longer present on the new site, some of which seem to have been moved behind a paywall.

Let me know if there are other solutions and I’ll add them to this list. If you have a sufficient reputation level, you can hit the edit button on this post and add/ update its contents. Please keep the format or discuss changes in the comments below.

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@Hologram Great Work with the List.
Just little more info about my addon:
RanTools also has AmbientCG material library as well as option to create material assets from pbr textures laying around in your hard drive.

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@Amandeep, that’s really nice. It wasn’t in the promo vid you released recently, was it? Do you have a video on it? I’m genuinly interested to have a look.

I have added this info in the opening post. But if you want to complete the information in the future, feel free to hit the Edit button on my post and you can add an additional line/ info yourself. The post should be a wiki post now :wink:

The video i released was actually an update video.
AmbientCG library was added a long time ago(v1.1.0). So I only covered the new HDRI library in detail. But I did mention it briefly towards the middle of the video where i talk about asset browser support for it.
You can take a look at the update video for v1.1.0 where I covered the AmbientCG library in detail:

Thanks for letting me know how wikis work here. I didn’t know I could edit someone else’s post. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks! I forgot about this :sweat_smile:

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Lily Surface Scraper makes it really easy to import textures from the large free websites.

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