Addons that interfere in other modes [edit, object, texture etc ...]

There are addon that when activated appear in all modes [edit mode, object mode, sculpt etc …], in which there are no use, I think the creators of these addons should regulate this to clean a bit the UI in each mode.

  • if an addon is usable only in edit mode that does not appear in the other modes.
  • Take into account when creating these addons how they will be used and show it only in this way, unless it work in the other modes.
    Addons that appear in all mode:
  • EWOCprojects tools collection
  • Multi extrude plus
  • select mesh data
  • add verts parent
    and others i dont remenber now

Since 2.66a enabling the Rigify addon is adding too a “Rigify Dev Tools” entry in the toolshelf in every Blender modes, despite it seems there’s something to do with it only in Edit Mode.
No idea if it’s an overlook or if there is a purpose to this.

if this addon is not useful in other mode i think it need to be fix to clean more the tool panel

the purpose is to clean the tool panel in each mode