Addons Updates, Spacebar menu, mesh extra tools, new addons

hi, I’ve recently updated some addons in Blender

Dynamic Spacebar Menu is now Dynamic Context Menu.
It’s a one stop shop for full screen & covers all objects & menu types. 1 button, all the 3d view menu’s, context sensitive based on object selection & 3d view editor modes. (not including toolshelf/properties shelf)

In Release:
massive update to spacebar menu addon. 1 button, near all 3d view menus & more. Fully context sensitive.
Object Cloud Gen now supports cycles.
addmesh extra objects now includes discombobulator, geodesic domes, beam builder & wallfactory (masonry)

In Addons Contrib:
Mesh Extra Tools in contrib has had another major overhaul: added pen tool by zmj100, new menu structure, merged mesh select tools
new in addons contrib:arrange on curve, Archimesh, Carver, add simple curve, wazou’s pie menu’s, carver, mesh extra tools

All are in nightly builds from buildbot as from today or tomorrow.

Next is some more surprises. :slight_smile:


That’s great news! I love the reorganized dynamic context menu. Haven’t played too much with the new mesh extra tools, but I’m still glad to see they’re getting some tlc. I was seeing some error message related to the old extra tools when I opened some files in 2.77, but it didn’t break any of my work so I didn’t mind it and forgot about it as soon as it happened.

I didn’t know there were problems with sapling, but, then again, I haven’t used it in a while and I have Sapling 3 (0.3.1) activated in my addons anyway. Still glad to see it’s receiving fixes. It’s a little gem, in my book.

Thanks for all your work - yours and everyone’s involved!

Nice thanks

Thank you Meta-Androcto. Really good to have someone taking care of the treasure of addon we have.
Regarding sapling, please don’t use the new forked version. It doesn’t support trees like the willow (branches falling straight down). Otherwise, yes it needs a lot of fixes (not enough leaves, broken presets, etc…)
I tried you addon package from github. Somehow, even with the new addon_util.h, the addon_extern folder is not recognised in Blender 2.77. Moving all the addons to addon_contrib works, but I would prefer to keep your structure. THere are no errors printed to the console, any hint ?

hi matali, the addons extern folder fix is .py should work just replace the file in blender. scripts/modules/
you’ll need to restart blender to have it show up.
I’ll have another look tonight at sapling & see if I can restore willow & some older features, the new version seems pretty reliable & has many upgrades too.

Thank you very much Meta-Androcto for taking care of all these add-ons. I am glad to see that I’m not alone in the use of a modified file, for me mainly to be able to use the \addons_extern folder and avoid messing up with the other two(\addons and \addons_contrib) because I sync them with their respective GIT repos.

Great to see the sapling addon updated, thanks for the wonderful support!

For the addon_util, found the problem. I added it in the users\appdata folder. Problem is the one in the Blender program folder has the priority. Problem is that I use buildbots and this file is overwritten everytime :frowning: Any tips here?
Regarding Sapling, thank you to have a look, it would be sad to loose this possibility. Not only the willow but also the birch and many other trees have falling branches. But we can also use an older version of Blender just for it.

hi matali, I only use buildbot, generally I just paste in addons utils to the scripts scripts/modules/, or as it’s only a couple of lines, I just edit the new file in the buildbot version.
I’m really struggling with Sapling atm, The original handles vertical attraction better is most cases, but the new version has so many extra functions, allowing more variation.

Left: Original Willow Preset
Middle: An experiment with drooping branches.
Right: Original Willow Preset with pruning.

The issue seems to be the change in attractUp & it’s use in vertical attraction, comparing the 2 scripts, it would be another rewrite to restore the old function I think, but I’m not an expert on this, I do agree that the original “Willow” has nice shape & is easily identifiable, Not giving up quite yet. :slight_smile:


Hi @Meta-Androcto,

I have this traceback with your new Dynamic spacebar menu v1.8.0, is it normal?:
search for unknown menutype VIEW3D_MT_view_directions
uiItemM: not found VIEW3D_MT_view_directions
search for unknown menutype VIEW3D_MT_view_toggle
uiItemM: not found VIEW3D_MT_view_toggle
search for unknown menutype VIEW3D_MT_view_border
uiItemM: not found VIEW3D_MT_view_border
search for unknown menutype VIEW3D_MT_duplicate
uiItemM: not found VIEW3D_MT_duplicate
search for unknown menutype INFO_MT_object_data_link
uiItemM: not found INFO_MT_object_data_link

My Blender is on linux: 2.77 (sub 0), branch: master, commit date: 2016-04-05 18:12, hash: abf6f08, type: RelWithDebInfo
build date: 2016-04-08, 19:05:34

@ Spirou4D
thanks nice pick up, I’ll fix these today. (it seems I didn’t port these over from my ui patch properly)
easy enough to fix today in a few hours.

Edit: fixed in master

Ho Soon Meta-Androcto, thanks and congrats for this new UI very nice!
Good Sunday!
bye bye

bump, more updates in first post

Can’t wait to try out the updated spacebar menu addon ! Is it already on your github ? Is it ok to install it from there ?
Anyway, thank you Meta-Androcto.

new spacebar menu is already in Blender nightly builds & has replaced the older version

Thank You so much for spacebar and addons update…Damn it is nice…:slight_smile:



Mega Thanx Meta! Your work is incredible useful for the community!

How is it possible that I have not seen this before? Thank you!
Feature request :slight_smile:
Would it be possible to bring up regular spacebar search window by just pressing the spacebar twice quickly? I think that way would be better than having to click with the mouse in the menu.
(Or perhaps as opposed, press spacebar once brings reguar search window, and twice the menu)

@ YAFU, how it is now you can access it with spacebar + 1 because it’s the first item in the menu.
You can also set a different key combo to search (i use shift + spacebar which is toggle maximize area there is also ctrl+arrows so the functionality is not lost)

Always appreciate your contributions. Thank you.