addonspanel is blank

What is the most likely reason? Too many scripts? What is the limit in mb? Or a bad bad script? Which one’s are the most likely? Thanks

The most likely reason is you have all the addons enabled and you have the addon panel set to show disabled addons of which there are none.

I don’t believe I enabled all addons. Any suggestions?

you typed something into the search field that returned nothing? (most characters do, though. I had to search quite a bit for apostrophe which results in an empty panel)
Your addons folder is missing - accidentally moved/deleted?
You have selected a category for addons that doesn’t have any - e.g. Official - Paint, Node, Material, UV, sequencer, scene, text editor.

Hmm I would think that this question might reasonably be in the basics and interface forum…

Are you using the newest official Blender release downloaded directly from, or did you get this somewhere else, such as a Linux repository?

It is the 2.68 octane render version of blender. Using the console, will I be able to sort this out and if so, how? Thanks

I’ve removed some scripts and the panel shows up but it flickers on and off., especially when you scroll.

The culprit may be the matlib libraries. When I hit the all tab and scroll there is no problem. The flickering occurs when I make the choices other than all. So things may be okay. If I want to place the scripts other than matlib back in addons, that I have removed to try and fix the blank screen and flickering, in a new folder inside the addons folder so I have a reference in case I have to remove some culprits again , will this work?