Thank you for sharing this add-on! I have a question regarding your BGE_OSC_test1.blend example.
I have successful communication between an iOS device and the game engine. I’m using TouchOSC (I think that the Control app you mention is no longer available on iOS by the way).
TouchOSC sends out accelerometer data with the message /accxyz. I can get the cube moving only very slightly but only on the z axis it seems. I’ve tried with an iPhone and iPad, same result.
Do you have any advice? Here is a screen grab.

I have another quick question:
How would I use a range of values, for example sent by a fader in TouchOSC? I can only see how to use the property sensor to evaluate a specified value, but I want the incoming value to adjust a slider for example. Do I need to use the same kind of script as the one you used for the accelerometer?

Hello rextherunt and thanks for your interest,

There are 2 answers for the shown problem,

An accelerometer is not a gyroscope and the cube example expect angular values from a gyroscope. So you see little movement from the cube because an accelerometer is back to 0,0,0 when there is no movement. A gyroscope send its current orientation independently of the acceleration. The example could be modified so the received values from your accelerometer are added constantly to the cube XYZ angles. Therefore you could be able to make the cube rotates more importantly with some care.

On the other hand, I made this demo very fast as a proof of concept but I have observed myself it won’t always replicate the right XYZ angles as I expected naively. I will investigate the issue one day, it is not a bug from the module more the fact that I don’t know very well the BGE python API so I have to keep polishing this demo. Probably a pbm with world/object referential. Not a big deal.

This could lead sometimes to counterintuitive results and explain what you observe. It seems to me however that the cube is rotating on more than one axis on your video. May be more trials with or without modifying the example script could help here ?

If I understand well what you’re asking, I would say yes, if I remember well, the BGE graphical interface offers no way to affect directly the position or speed of a game object. Therefore you need a python script to change position, rotation, speed, may be scaling (not sure) of your “in game” slider depending of the incoming OSC value. So this require to familiarize oneself with the BGE API which is not what we would expect in order to achieve yet some trivial things. I would have liked to do the cube example with the graphical interface entirely.

Thanks for your quick responses! It does seem a little more of a challenge than I had expected. I’m not a programmer, so I might not have much success. I will persevere using your feedback.
However, I do appreciate you sharing these add-ons!

Dear, how can I send note events to Carla?

Modifications for 2.8? Because python API is changed. Have anyone tried with EEVEE?

The current version is not compatible with EEVEE. The API has indeed changed and it is not stabilized yet. It is wise to wait a little before porting the Addon. I don’t know when all this will happen but it is definitely on my TODO list.

First of all - Thank you for the addon.

Secondly, I have difficulties getting the addon to receive osc data. I have a suspicion that during the installation of the addon, python-osc wasn’t installed. Before starting to dabble in the confusing world of python, I was wondering if there’s some step I missed. Like, if this is more of some compatibility problem between addOSC and Blender versions than a python problem.

Installed FaceOSC, then AddOSC addon, set the parameters on the addon, fire up FaceOSC, checked “monitoring” and the Last OSC address and message remain empty.

Installed OSC data monitor and verified FaceOSC is sending data at 8338.

I’m running OS X El Capitan, Blender 2.79 (latest, but tried with different distributions), python 2.7.10 & python 3.7.2_1. AddOSC 0.16.

Please, add a Piano Roll for this.
This could be useful reference.

P.S.: Maybe the PianoRoll events could fake F-Curves and be sequenced using NLA Editor.

Sorry for the lack of update and not answering much here. I am currently thinking about updating the Addon and probably merging it with AddMidi as they actually use the same mechanism.

I am sorry about the difficulties about using it, I currently lack of time to investigate the various issues you are reporting.

I think the philosophy of the future new Addon might be different (toward more simplicity).

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I am using this Addon a lot, thank you for sharing it.
I wish you make it work with 2.8 EEVEE, realtime render + addosc.

Jetset_Willy, I have started to work on the 2.80 port (while merging addMIDI). I don’t know how long it will take. I hope there won’t be much trouble but I want to try a few new things.


Just a little message to say that the new Add-on for Blender 2.8 I am working on to replace AddOSC (called for now “MIDI, OSC and More”) is reaching a state where it can do useful things. It’s still a W.I.P, but you can test it if you want. The link is in the Download section of the documentation. (for the blog)

I will probably open a separate thread on B.A when I will be back from a short vacation.


For the record I wasn’t able to install and find the add-on in the list under preferences for Blender 2.81 but I was able to install for Blender 2.82 alpha.

I followed this guide:

I’m wondering how I can change the render engine from Eevee to Cycles using osc.
I found the scripting parameter for this it’s bpy.context.scene.render.engine

and I should be able to send ‘BLENDER_EEVEE’ and ‘CYCLES’ to it but it somehow doesn’t work. My best guess is that I failed to receive a string type in Blender. I tried both osc_type = “s” and osc_type = “string” without sucess. I have a feeling that’s not right but I couldn’t find any reference on how to accept a type other than float (f)

I finally got my PC to receive OSC with the addon for 2.81. So, I´m doing experiments to drive some parameters around first, to later post in my blog development.

yes, please. Open a separate thread. Thank you for your hard coding work. I tried this back in 2016. Now I’m giving it another shot in 2020. Cheers!

EDIT: Here is the thread for the new Add-on: