AddRoutes (MIDI, OSC + Blemote, a nascent Android app)

Ah, yes, that solved it somewhat, thanks! I can see the incoming messages in the terminal but not in the text or console windows. Anyhow, I also get an error message:

OSC - Receiving:['/blender', 1.0]
---> but something went wrong with route n°0, category: System

Will dig further.

Sounds so familiar : )

An OSC message is composed of two things, an address and a list of parameters. The address is usually the first argument of the message and is a string containing slashes / to get subaddresses, useful for routing. /W is just that, a string, it could be anything but must match the address in the sender’s message. So if you send an osc message with /W 1.0 from anywhere blender will be receiving a value of 1.0 in the route listening to /W address. Does that make sense? If not, just search for OSC messaging syntax.

My guess is that Project is specific to the current blend file you’re working on right now, and System will be to any project you work on. But I’m just guessing, I don’t really know.

Thanks! If I understand you, the letters after the “/” is basically a prefix sent by the app that is sending the OSC messages to blender. Is there a way that I can tap into that data stream to help me debug. I see you’re seeing the messages in the terminal. How did you manage that?

Thanks again. We’ll get this figured out yet!

An OSC address is a string beginning with the character /. Is sent by the client and received by the server (blender in this case).
I managed to see the incoming messages by launching blender from terminal. Open a terminal and type blender. You should see the messages printed there as they arrive.

Hmm. Not seeing anything at all. I might need to debug my network or my Face Cap settings. Either than or OS X is stingier with what it shows on the command line. I tried with debug-all, and got a lot of info, but nothing that looks like data packets coming in.

In the mean time, I have a question about the path. If I right click and Copy Data Path, all I ever get is “active_shape_key_index” which can’t be right. If I use the hot keys to copy full path, I’m getting “[“head”].active_shape_key_index”

I suspect I need to replace active_shape_key_index with something more specific and containing a wildcard for the individual shape keys. Still trying to figure out what that might be. Is there a way of browsing the data paths?

Edit: I think I might have the data paths worked out. At least I’m not having them turn red anymore. I just don’t appear to be getting any data to put in them.

Sucess! It was absolutely a network issue. Even though I have the firewall turned off, my Mac isn’t letting me open port 9001. I need to figure out how to force that but in the mean time I just found an open port and suddenly got movement. Mind you, it looks like some of the data is going to the wrong shape keys or getting flipped, but this is progress, as you can tell from the screenshot of me smiling. lol

That was merely a matter of setting the right offset. All seems good except for the eyes. They seem to just be inheriting their rotation from the head. Is there any chance that the address has changed from /ELR and /ERR? Does the order of the routes matter? It seems that I want to rotate the whole group with grp_transform, but then rotate the eyes on their own origins.