Adelaide / South Australian Blender users

G’day all,

I’ve noticed there are a few SA/Adelaide Blenderheads here and we were represented in Elephant’s Dream and other projects by Lee S. (LohnS)

So anyway, pretty straight forward, leave a post if your in SA, maybe a link to your website if you have one and want to share. I don’t have anything in mind like an equivalent of the Melbourne Blender Society, but not ruling anything out either. Just curious as to how many of us there are. - My portfolio. Also part of

Well u know of me, of course.
Closest thing to a website is
I’ll be getting a proper site soon, its currently a WIP as im still learning HTML.

Ive thought about having meetings etc, just haven’t got the time at the moment to organise anything. But if someone else did id probubly turn up.
A friend of mine is also into Blender, so hed probubly be interested as well. I keep telling him to get an account here at BA, but he hasn’t got a internet connection. Hes kinda my apprentice, I reckon when he finally gets around to coming on BA he’ll go by the username ‘Orange Elk’. :confused: Go figure…

Anyways im intrested in seeing if many others post in this thread.

But if someone else did id probubly turn up.

Yeah, that seems to be my current perspective on it. :slight_smile: All the best with the website, hope to see more people reply to the thread too.