Adidas Predator Touch 96

This is my latest project. Maybe a boring subject but one Ive been eager to make since beginning with 3D. I love the style of these boots, I owned at least 2 pairs myself. The renders this time came out really nice I think. I welcome the feedback.



Really nice. Did you sculpt?

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No this wasn’t sculpted. It’s all mesh and separate objects. I could have maybe done a pass with the sculpting tools for a little more used look but i opted against. The older the boots the more you see the general shape more warped and disfigured. The look i went for was box fresh, showroom.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Excellent presentation and work! I’m really impressed with the lighting in your scene, did you use a single large overhead area light or strategically placed point lights?

Thank you. The lighting in the scene is a large area lamp directly above the scene as the main light source and then 2 fill lights to the left and right casting a very small amount of illumination. These are also area lamps.

How does that texture affect hitting the ball? Just wondering if it’s just for looks, or if it has an actual impact on how you play?

These boots are probably 2nd generation but the first generation was revolutionary. I remember watching a documentary about an ex player developing them. The fins created more power and swerve supposedly. I played in this line of boots until i retired (amateur) but some of the best players in the world used them including David Beckham. Later models had a very understated fin that was smaller and more discrete. I assume due to science and development. If you search you can see all the different generations.

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Cool, I was using Predators (but not these expensive tier) before, and recently switched to Copa because they are made of leather and I find it to be more pleasant to play in.

Thanks for the info!

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Copa and World cups were also in my arsenal. Beautiful boot and also something I have started to make in blender but not finished. Predators I loved but they were heavy boots in the muddy winters.

I play in L.A. so no muddy winters here (I wish…we’re in a massive drought). :grin:

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