Adidas Sneaker

For this concept I wanted to make a super detailed sneaker with a mix of cool materials.I named Adidas concept first because the design is mine and second because you don`t need big logos to define a brand,this shoe under my opinion could fit perfectly as Adidas sneaker.
Anyways,I’ve sketched up three times in 2D using handsketching and Adobe Illustrator.
Sculpted,Modeled,Rendered in Blender 2.80
Textured in Substance Painter.

Junst hope you guys like it.


nice work !!!

Excellent work! I really like the materials, and the lighting is very good and highlights correctly the details.
The only part that looks a bit “low res” is the black leather stripes. It might be just me, but the leather cracks seem a bit too wide and soft. I might be wrong because I don’t have in mind the same references as you.

Overall, great presentation!

Really great work, especially on the materials!

Thats some clean work! GJ!
Kudos for making most of work in Blender!

thank for the kind words and for your feedback,it is always great to share other point of views.
For those materials I didn´t want to give so much detail,maybe I was wrong,but they have enough detail under my opinion.
I didn’t follow any refferences,I started building this shoe from scratch with just my eye.I have sculpted a 2D sketch I’ve done and then doing retopo.For materials as Footwear 2D designer that I am,I’ve seen many many shoes along my life,you have to be careful adding details cause too much details can look less realistic.

Thank you!

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That’s what I wanted to do…superdetailed materials…thank you!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Nice concept, I really like the overall realism and quality! I am doing also a concept of shoes but I am still far from having the same results.

How did you manage to make those materials ? Because for me it was a very good opportunity to learn substance designer as I can’t really find any fitting materials for my project, tho I struggle to generate good enough textures with my actual skill.

This is really good!

Absolutely amazing! Please show some wires!

The sneakers and materials are realistic. But the dark green sole can be improved.

Thanks! Awesome work.

Thank you!

Hi…those materials are in Substance Painter’s shelf,ready to apply using masks,black masks…then adding imperfections with brushes…I’ve spent 9 hours painting all the model…then I have exported all textures to Blender in 4k resolution and with Node Wrangler I have set all textures in the properly place.

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Yeah for sure…everything can be improved…I’ve been trying other textures but I didn’t want to waste so much time adding extra detail to an area that wasn’t be seen really well due the perspective.
Thank you for commenting!