Adios, sayonara, auf wienerschnitzel...

Just thought I would throw my [probably] last ever blender-pic in here (just a one-hour quickie for the WC, but what the hey…)

It’s pretty strange::: I’ve been hanging around the Blender community since early 2000 (might be late 1999, not really sure) - first over at the old, and, since the crash’n’burn of NaN, here at Elysiun, browsing the forums several times each day.

For the last few weeks I haven’t been around here very much - there are other forums to check on a daily basis… I know I will probably not come in here a lot at all - so I just want to make some things clear:::

  1. Blender is a very, very good 3D-app! You probably already know that, but there is a lot of people out there that think they know all there is to know about CG, and that Blender is a pile of sh*t - well, they just never understood it…

  2. All the things I know about 3D, I learned from Blender and its community. This knowledge is invaluable.

  3. I am very grateful (I’m full of grates?)

Now, feel the love (-spoons) :smiley: :Z

Signing off…

I can relate.

I feel the same way.

Blender is a cool program

Good luck and we’ll see you soon. The people you refer to will be gone once their parents buy them Maya or 3d Max, so you’ll be able to come back and post your Art and not worry they are not photographs.

Great pic man, I feel the love! :smiley:
Anyway, thanks for all that you’ve put into this community while you were here, and good luck with all your work. (If I remember right, you got C4D from the guy giving it away at CGTalk, right? Congrats and good luck, James!)

Oww… it’s really sad for me when i see a blenderhead announcing his departure… :frowning:

But well… time to leave this little planet called Blender and venture into the depths of a infinite universe called… CG…
Good luck!

[I’m going to cry if I ever leave this forum… :expressionless: :wink: ]

does the spoon exist?

It is sadness, but…
Thank you for your nice pics and Goodluck!! :slight_smile:

Well I can understand you, because I’m planning to change the application, too. Without doubt Blender is a good 3D software with a lot of potential, but it has also a lot of limitations compared to “professional” software. In my opinion Blender needs two major improvements: the scanline render engine (3DS Max shows that there are very good results with scanline possible) and the modeling tools. When I started to test other apps I was just surprised about the things that are possible. Live is so much easier with knife tools, good SDS tools like weighted verts / edges / faces, trimming curves, bend modifier and so on. But, like you, I’ll never forget that Blender infected my with a virus named “3D” and I’ll never forget this nice community!!! So let’s see us on cgtalk? … :slight_smile:


Most probable, Dr Watson! You’ll find me in the Cinema-forum (as well as Focused Critiques and General Discussions) - I’m regged as JamesMK over there… cya :smiley:

i’ve missed something… why d’you leave Blender?

Well, it’s pretty simple: I’m switching to Cinema 4D. Now, that wouldn’t happen unless a strange guy from Teheran gave away his license to me (I could never afford to buy it, even if I did, my wife wouldn’t let me =)

Obviously, it would be stupid of me not to use such a killer app, and I’ve simply come to the conclusion that there is no point for me to visit Elysiun any more. The community is the greatest here - no doubt about that - but nobody wants to see my WIP’s and finished projects if they are coming from Cinema - and just about everything else found here applies to Blender, which is no longer an important thing to me.

A couple of weeks back I thought that I would probably continue to use Blender as well - but as it turns out, that doesn’t happen. I can’t go back now. But as I said initially - Blender remains a truly excellent app, and it will only get better, so I have absolutely no issues there. It’s just that Cinema, or any high-end, very expensive application, is simply… well… erm… better. I can’t lie about that, can I…

Well, it’s pretty simple: I’m switching to Cinema 4D. Now, that wouldn’t happen unless a strange guy from Teheran gave away his license to me (I could never afford to buy it, even if I did, my wife wouldn’t let me =)

Hey I read the thread on cgtalk. First I can’t believe it, you get C4D for free! :smiley:
“A strange guy from Teheran” LoL Maybe strange, but a lot of fortune for you! Unfortunately nobody will give me C4D or Lightwave (my favorite app) for free, so I’ll buy Realsoft 3D. It runs on my Linux box (important) and it has one of the best modeler I found and it is affordable. Again: congratualtion. Incredible … :slight_smile:

Don’t be too sure… Strange things happen sometimes. I’ve heard a pretty solid rumour that someone over at CGT (probably Proton, but I’m just guessing) has a habit of giving away a few LW-licenses every now and then, possibly just before christmas… :smiley: Or you could try to win a challenge somewhere… it’s not unusual to see Maya Complete and stuff like that as first prize.

strange Jamesk.

that doesn’t explain really the abandonment of Blender although you are free to do what you want :slight_smile:

i wondered just by curiosity.

bye good luck

ps:alalala women!! :slight_smile:

Don’t interpret it as an abandonment. Just think like this: let’s say you’ve been using Blender 1.36 for three years. Then suddenly someone hands you a copy of Blender 2.28… Now, it is not likely that you will ever boot that old version again, is it? Same thing for me, it just happens to be an entirely different application. :smiley:

hey Jamesk! You’re a lucky man!! If I was given C4D, I’d be switching in one second too. I’m happy for you that you have a professional tool to work with. A few months ago, I used C4D for a while and man, it blew me away. Fast renders and refraction (just to name two) I was amazed at every pic I made.
I still miss it but for the time being i’m stuck with blender.

If anyone ever gives you Maya or XSI, think of me and give me C4D :wink:


ps: no all i have to do is wait 'till you get lucky again (as far as software goes :wink:

Hiya JamesK!

Nice image.

Sorry to hear you are leaving, but I totally understand the logic behind it. This forum will miss you. Stop bye and say hello once in a while though. :wink:

Good luch with your C4D future.


Well just remember JamesK we’er only a mouse click away if you want to say hi once in a while. Good luck to ya man!

I want to see the first F1 car you model in C4D, okay?

See you around!

Yeah, don’t forget Blender :slight_smile:

Hope to see you around anyhow


Hey James!

Lycka till med Cinema4D , satans lyckost !! grrrr… :stuck_out_tongue:

Meheh! Du kan trösta dig med att det är lika svårt att få bra idéer ändå…