Aditya`s room

This is my first serious work. It is titled Aditya`s room because it is based on the hostel room which belongs to my friend Aditya. Hope you like it and please tell me what do you think about it…


Love it very atmospheric :slight_smile:

love it just a few things:

  1. the label on the leftmost book is in comic sans - which maybe works for a candy bar but does not go with books, and its the most overused font in the world (along with papyrus and brush script)
  2. the water bottle looks a little too milky
  3. the table cloth needs a texture i would say
  4. again the book - the pages look like 1 solid cube, what you could do is take a stripey image and displace the cube with thst image
  5. also, the other books need pages
    but it is very well done and just needs some little fixes :slight_smile:

thanks for critics…

i am totally agree with them. and i am doing things better now…