Adive on making realistic clothing

Can anyone share some knowledge about the process of creating realistic clothing in Blender?

I’ve seen the videos showing me to duplicate the mesh of the character and use that as clothing. However, they never include things like pockets or zippers.

Texturing. How to achieve good texturing? I simply cannot make it look good and the lack of any information on this is quite annoying.

I want to create clothing like this:

The general theory behind duplicating the character mesh to create the clothes is just so that they “Fit” the character. From that point you would need to model the “accessories” ie. pockets, buttons, seams… Then once those are modeled they can either be integrated to the duplicated clothing mesh or be left separate if not rigging and animating. You could even take it a step further and sculpt in details like folds and such and bake the sculpted details to the clothing as to keep the geometry minimal. Much like how seams and folds are done in furniture modeling.