Adjacent object modeling

Hello everyone!

Excuse the naivety of the question, but I have a doubt. In the modeling of objects, consisting of several parts (in my case a piece of furniture, consisting of: base, sides, top, doors, drawers, etc. …) that will not have to be disassembled, because a piece of furniture is an object that in reality, once made will no longer be disassembled, as opposed to a 'car or motorcycle, which instead are formed by parts assembled together, which are designed to be disassembled and reassembled if necessary;

In the case in which then I go to model adjacent objects, where one or more faces lie in the same plane, as in the image below, where I have the flounce of the cabinet adjacent to the sides and the base plane; the faces just adjacent, is it more correct to model them, or leave the mesh “open”, as can be seen from the image below?

I have this doubt because shaping also the adjacent faces, inevitably increases the number of polygons of the entire project. But if you can’t see them anyway, because a piece of furniture is an object that I don’t have to disassemble in its parts, I wondered if it’s better to remove or leave the adjacent faces that you can’t see.

Thanks in advance!

If no one is ever going to see those faces, kill them. They’re just going to take up UV space for no benefit.

Thanks for your help Stan!
Do you think I should do this even if the object is composed of several separate meshes, not merged into a single mesh?
A possible buyer of my 3D model, do you think he would prefer to have complete meshes of the objects or not?

The latter you’ll have to discuss with your buyer :slight_smile:

The former - sure, why not? If something serves no purpose, it doesn’t need to exist.

Thanks again!