Adjust number of segments between points in a curve

I’m yet another one of those new users that tries too run before they can walk. I got a quite huge project and I finally decided I might need to join a forum so I can ask some stupid questions, that will tell me I’m doing things way more complicated then it needs too be.

Looking for a way to adjust the number of segments between two points in my curve. Since between some points the
number of segments don’t need to be as many as on other places.

I’m guessing I can lower the number of segments and add more points to the curve to achieve this but still I want to know can I adjust the number of segments just at specific parts of the curve.

On a bezier curve you can select two (or more) anchor point (the center point) and hit w subdivide and a new point will be created, hit w subdivide again and you’ll have 3 points in between which can be moved and the control points or handles can be moved and rotated. Here is an example of one subdivision.

I was thinking of the resultion between the points. Had to check what they really where called so you understand. At some points I only need 2 and not 12 in resultion of the curve. But as I was guessing in my first post maybe I need to have a lower resultion and more points to achive this controll.