Adjust Texture Image color in Blender?

After adding an IMAGE texture to an object, is there a way to adjust/change color in Blender in order to keep from having to delete the texture image, adjust/change color in GIMP, then add the new texture image to the object?

For example, if I create a texture image with light to medium yellow brown then add it to a tree object, then I decide the color should be more of a green brown or maybe the yellow brown should be darker, can these changes be made directly in Blender after the texture image has been added to the object?

I don’t if it can easily be done in Blender but if you keep Gimp open you can edit the image, save it, then simply click ‘Reload’ in Blender to refresh it. There is no need to delete and re-add.

That works, I’m tired and have a lot of stuff on my mind. Should have been able to figure that one out.