Adjust Vertex Weights 1.3.0


To all riggers,

This intuitive tool lets you easily adjust the weights of selected vertices by dragging the mouse up and down.
The weights are automatically normalized while adjusting, so you can preview what your mesh will look like.

This is very helpful when skinning elbows and knees when you want to get that perfect skin folding result.
Besides skinning with armatures, this tool is also useful for working with weights for things like hair density, physics goals, modifier influences etc.

Features (v1.3.0):

  • It automatically normalises weights as you change them, so you can see how your mesh will deform.
  • It works in both Weight Paint mode and Edit mode.
  • It preserves the weights of locked groups (so you can safely work without risk, and also you can safely have vertex groups for stuff like modifier influences etc.).
  • Multi-version add-on: one file that works on several Blender versions (2.79, 2.80+ and so on), easier to carry around with you.

You can get it from Gumroad or BlenderMarket:


Thanks! Handy :slight_smile:

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@IPv6 thanks! I think it’s handy too.
If you have any questions please let me know.

Well done. Thank you for sharing!

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Happy to find a real usecase for this. On Splatypi’s Judy Hopps rig the ear can intersect itself on some poses, but it’s a quick fix when you can pick individual vertices and press a hotkey to drag-adjust the weight.

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Oh and this works great when used with the Popup Vertex Group List addon (which is FREE!):

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Hi! Been using this add-on a lot lately, after updating it.

Update v1.3.0:

  • Multi-version: works on Blender 2.79 as well as 2.80+ (including 2.90).
  • Code refactor, now it’s simpler and works on theoretically any mode (Edit, Sculpt, Weight/Texture/Vertex paint etc.).
  • Removed the redundant “Ignore Non-Deform Groups” preference. You can just lock any groups that you want to protect.
  • Improved the header text message.
  • Improved the description in the add-on preferences.