Adjust Zoom Increments?

Hello, everyone. I’m new to Blender and really struggling. I’ve been searching for a way to change the zoom increments, each bump of the mouse wheel zooms in a LOT. I would like to frame my model in the view window, but the zoom function either makes the model too large for the window or too small to edit.


Hi nixzero,

This can be a bit anoying, here’s some remedes:
on the number pad “+” Zooms in, “-” Zooms out.
“Home” Resets the view

Middle mouse button + CTRL, then move the mouse, it will zoom in and out slower.

SHIFT+B in the viewport lets you create a box zoom, when selected, just draw a sqare out of the selection to zoom to.

Centre 3D view to cursor, place the mouse pointer on screen where you want to position the screen, then select CTRL+(numpad) “.”

Hope that helps :wink: