Adjustable Spanners

Hey guys. I made this picture for the SMC at One hour of modeling and the theme was handtools. It’s rendered with Yafay.
C&C are very welcome. Hope you like it:


The material looks more like brushed metal and spanners usually are drop forged and have a bumpy texture - perhaps just noise would work. It seems a little to shiny too.

The main body is the bumpy text but where the jaws are its brushed metal cos its been machined

I personally like to see them a bit dirty - (just personal taste) and put a bold nearby and a nut in one of the jaws perhaps…?


Looks pretty darn realistic. I like the top left wrench, there are some noticable bumps on the edge that gives some serious realism. Not sure if that is compression from the JPG or not. The floor is cool as well. The roller thing (do not know what it is called), the part that opens the wrench is 100% dead on. I think though, the material on the wrench which gives the metallic feel, should be spaced out more. THere are to many ridges which would not be in a wrench.

Nice job. I use those all of the time. Reduce the Map Input to make a tighter texture and decrease the NOR a bit.

What in the world is a spanner? :smiley: Some great geometry, very clean. Looks right. Surface material does need some work.

I agree, the mesh is perfect but it’s material needs some tweaking. The render itsselve could be improved. (Perhaps use another way to make the dof effect, Yafray’s dof doesn’t look good for my opinion.)

Spanners? I think the term most americans will know is crescent wrench.

Anyway, they look great. good job with the composition as well.


The modelling looks good but I agree with everyone else the material does not look right. Usually adjustable spanners have a smooth shiny top and sides, bumpy texture for that inner part.

and adjustable spanners arnt acctualy called adjustable spanners there called shifters but maybe thats just an Australian thing

i think the head should be slightly thicker and where you have that little number 12 wouldent go on there because it represents how many mm apart the teeth are and shifters have adjustable teeth

so yer other than that good work
sry for getting all technical on you

Well i’m from new zealand and have never heard the term shifters, so its probably just an australian thing.

Hey, thanks for the comments. I found the spanner in a “picture dictionary”. So I just found a picture of this …ehem… tool… and read the name.
I’ve worked a bit on the materials. I didn’t have time for a bigger render but I hope it looks better:
Keep the C&C comming :smiley: .

The DOF is really sharp and noisy, that’s problem A.

Problem B is the material, not quite metallic looking, too plasticy.

Problem C is the floor texture, it’s too stretched, though the texture type is what you want for this scene.

Problem D is the strange looking and abrupt color change at the head of the spanner.

On the other hand the lighting and modeling are near perfect, with a little more work I think this could be one of the most excellent blender renders I’ve seen as of late!

Wow, a lot better. I don’t know, looks like metal to me. Are you ray-tracing?

Well this looks about right for me, its a change in reflected light since its a different plane, but probably a wee bit of beveling would help.

@ Marty_D: Yeah, I’m using ray-tracing.

@Dittohead: Thanks for the crits. Ive changed a bit on the material and the ground texture. But I forgot the DOF and it’s still a bit to strong.

Thanks for the comments too the rest of you. Here’s another update: (Maybe I should have posted i WIP :expressionless: )

That looks great :smiley:

But that DOF is not so great :expressionless: