Adjusting Resolution Causing Distortion

I found a free intro online for blender and I got it to render well with my name here aside from the fact it doesn’t fit the screen correctly. I want the intro to be 1920x1080 so under the render settings I changed the resolution accordingly, but doing so causing this issue with the video. I have tried searching around to see if anyone else has been getting similar issues, but I can’t seem to find anyone else having this issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated also here are the files I downloaded without any of my changes.

The problem is caused by several reasons:

  • you have to change the resolution to fullHD for every scene. Scenes can be changed/accessed here:stc=1
  • in the compositor images were used with a resolution less than fullHD. You will have to export, externally scale (e. g. with GIMP) and then reimport them. Reimporting must be done in the node editor: Open the node groups by selecting them and then pressing TAB. Search for image nodes and replace them with the images in fullHD resolution.

I can’t seem to find the image nodes that I should be exporting in re-sizing inside of the node groups

Thank you, I found the the image you were talking about. I didn’t really understand how node groups worked and never really realized they were a group of nodes that could also contain another node group which actually had the image.