Adjusting Texture Size for Displacement maps / modifier


Im messing around with some textures and trying to find a decent size for the scale that i am working in.

One thing i have noticed is that i cant change the size of the displacement texture so that it tiles with the rest of the textures. (im using a tile-able brick texture with diff, spec, norm, AO and displacement / height)

the modifier doesnt accept the changes. and when try to apply the changes before adding the modifier, it just displaces as per the original image.

any help??

In setting up Material / texture there is an option to control size. But Displacement modifier have no size control. If you want to match Displacement modifier to Material, I think you need to use UV mapping. In Displacement modifier there is option to use UV coordinate.

thanks, but I have been using the UV option and still nothing.

Here is the setting. Open UV map image editor. Load your color image, the defuse map. Unwrap the brick wall object on to it. Note that if your UV map falls outside of the loaded image, image will tile. So you don’t need to place the map within the image. Now create a material with texture. Texture image you need to load there is the same image as the on in the UV image editor. Set this texture with Mapping setting of UV, Flat. In Influence check Color. You should get this basic render now:

Note that I loaded displacement map texture in there as well. But I did not activate it for the first render. In my second render, I activated the displacement map. Set this texture with Mapping setting of UV, Flat. But this time in Influence, I checked Normal. So the image gets rendered this time with some texture on top of defused image:

My last one was done with Displacement modifier. Displacement texture image was turned off in the materials texture. But you do need to have the texture loaded there so that you can call it out under Displacement modifier. And all you need to do now is to set the texture coordinate to UV and used the same UV map as diffuse texture map. Then the Displacement map and defused map will come out on top of each other:

Remember that for the Displacement modifier to work, you need to cut up your wall mesh gazillion times! Looks nice but computer will need to work to get this render.

thank you very much for that in depth explanation.

however, i am already familiar with the procedure of applying the maps. i just need to figure out how i can change the texture size of the displacement, if possible. and it doesnt seem to be possible. which is kind of counter intuitive. you would think that it could be done

thank you again.

If you use UV mapping, you adjust the mapped image size on the object with UV map over the texture image. You “size it” with UV map. So by using same UV map, scaling should be the same.

Texture image for the defused and displacement need to be the same size as well. And you need to use same UV map for everything to scale right.

Hi, did you find a way to do this? I am facing similar situation since I am applying a displace modifier after an array modifier, so I wish I have more easy control on scale of texture. Thanks