Adjusting the size of the Application Window for ver 2.5 Beta

I have just (yesterday) downloaded ver 2.5 Beta. I have not used Blender before so wish to learn via the online manual & various video tutorials. I am using a 27in iMac so as I have ample screen space though I could have Blender on one section of the desktop & relevant manual page / tutorial on the remaining part of the desktop.

The BlenderWiki Doc:2.5 manual page referring to “Changing Window Frames” clearly describes how to maximise / split / join & change a window size, however each instruction seems to only refer to window frames WITHIN the Application window. The problem I have is in adjusting the Application Window. Currently it fills the whole desktop. Can someone please advise me of how to adjust the size of the whole Application Window so that I can also accommodate other windows, such as manuals etc.

Many thanks

As in any Mac application drag the bottom right corner.

Thank you Richard. Now sorted. I had tried this action before posting my question, however I must have positioned the cursor incorrectly. Many thanks