Admin -

Hey all,

I got 3 little suggestions for the admins of :wink:

  1. Please make the typing screen a little larger, I don’t have enough overview sometimes.

  2. It’s a suggestion, but it would be easy in team projects if you could add members to a team list, and have some options with that like post message to all team members, notify the team members that the thread is updated… etc.

  3. A chatbox would be nice… But I understand if you won’t make one. :wink:

Thanks a lot ^^

ps, hope it’s posted in the right topic.

i’m not an admin but perhaps i can help you some of the stuff you want is already here.

1 instead of hitting quick reply hit go advanced, the hit preview post before submitting it, you’ll see the entire post as it will apear while it can still be edited.

2 if you click on thread tools there are 3 option. print, email this, and subscribe. if all your team members are subscribed thats oneway, the other way is to email the thread to you members list.

3 a message board is much better than chat for this site, with chat once its gone its gone. with message boards you can go back not only minuets from now but months or years from now. but if you really need a free chat site is a free clone of old msn chat.

and is the correct place for site suggestions. the mods and admins tend to avoid off tompic as much as they can because its where most of the flame wars, spamming, etc… happens.


Thanks a lot for this info. I didn’t know about 1, and you’re pretty right about 3. It’s a little annouying though that this was getting an answer can last over 3 days while with a chatbox it’s done in 1 minute. :wink:

If you want to chat, go to a Blender irc channel