Administrate packaged images

Recently I had this model where I packed my image texture with the blend file. After that the .blend file size was way larger than I expected. Unpacking showed, that instead of only the 1k texture image a 2k texture image was also packed. The 2k image however was not used. It stems from the first try to create an appropriate texture and was then discarded.
Is there a way to have more control over what is packaged into the blend file or any way to remove selected resources, once they are packaged?
My guess as to why the 2k image was packed was that it was still in the drop down list of the UV editor, and I could not get rid of it. Any ideas on why that is, and how to fix (in this case unlink) this?

I’m not sure this is possible hotzst, my method though which I use for Cycles currently - as packing the textures can be difficult, is to create a textures folder with my file, and in blender select External Data>Make All Paths Absolute (i think, always get confused with ‘Make All Paths relative’).

Basically unlike some software blender doesn’t create a directory structure for a project, so I usually make one for a project if it’s going to be a long one.

It makes life a lot easier if you need to give the files to someone else.

If you’ve already created a file the other way, you can ‘Unpack into Files’.

I don’t know if that helps, but it avoids issues like this. The models I put on now use this structure.

Jay :wink: