Admiration of chocolate

An abstract image I wanted to make that would give an appearence of something made of rich swirly chocolate.

In case you wanted to know it took a few hours to get to the lighting and shading that I wanted. I wanted it to look like chocolate but also have sufficient contrast with the lighting. And finally I get to an ageeable result.

Of course I have learned that art is the way the artist wants it to be and how he likes it and that you shouldn’t expect everyone to like it the same.

And thus I like it the way it is and hoping you will enjoy it.:slight_smile:

You succeeded to make me crave food at this moment :stuck_out_tongue:

The model fits the idea perfectly, and the materials are fairly good except for the massive amount of specularity (all just my opinion).

So do I.

It would be interesting to making the specular highlights more diffuse. Another fun thing to try would be to blend the colors of the lights in the rig. It’s a little secret among photographers that the lights that are used, especially in close-up food photography, are very rarely “white.” Since you’ve probably got light coming in at several different angles for interest, scattering a few primary colors among the different lamps can work very well.

Did you achieve… “chocolate?” Definitely.

looks pretty good, like the use of cloud texture for the background. I also think you went a tad to much on the specularity. Also, a little dark might give the impression of a rich, dark chocolate insted of the milk Chocolate stuff. At first i saw a face in your model, then it turned into a very odd tree. Nice work

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As for the image, it seems to be way too lumpy. If it is flowing chcolate, then it would have a fluid like texture to it. Based on the form that you have, that is the intent. So I would actually reduce or get rid of the bump map completely.

See this reference here for what I mean:

Colour and lighting ar actually well done in this one. Shadows are nicer and not as sharp, which works well.

Now, as has been stated before, maybe try and push away from the use of procedurals going forwayrd. Try and make some of your own textures or download some good high resolution, seamless ones from the web and utilize them in different ways. Also, the obvious use of the Photoshop “Difference Clouds” in the backgrouns, or possible Blender procedural cloud texture, is really disctracting and does not fit with the structure you have for the chocoltae. Not sure what may have been better to use here. Maybe nothing but a clean, white background would work?

And also, (back to Moderator mode), please don’t turn this thread into a flame war again people. And that means everyone. Thanks again


I didn’t use any reference for the material, I just made what my head thought of was chocolate, I origionally intended for flowing chocolate with a little bit of fluidity and considering what I knew of chocolate syrup I tried to tweak the specularity to fit.

Now making the chocolate material and giving it the best possible lighting wasn’t easy. I did struggle quite a bit to get it just right, tweaked colors, tweaked the lights, it wasn’t the mesh that took so long it was the materials and the lighting.

if I say your art looks like poop am I lying?

well i like the main part an the holes and stuff and all the little deatils going into it are great.
but the whole thing needs to be smoothed more especially the little streams going into it

and the chocolate material dosnt look quite right it’s really close mabye lower the green and raise the red on it and make it less shiny…

but except for those small thing i like it.

Updated the image with less specularity and bumpiness and a less distracting background for BgDM.

Seems like I didn’t have to edit the first post because the link would’ve been the same when I clicked it.

mmm chocolate in space:p I might try to make it look like it was under the influence of gravity. I like the material and light the model now looks like its just floating I cant tell if I am looking at the top of a glob or the side, some clues in the shape of the model would be good. Nice work so far and its nice to see you trying some suggestions, its good to work for your audience, thats what makes a popular artist;).

That’s cool! I really like the way it flows + to me it looks very much like chocolate + I just want to stick my hands into it and scoop a huge handfull of melted chocolate out!!!

Yum. And good job on it I think!

I love chocolate ummm yummy for your tummy.

It’s looking good!

Seeems a bit sharp-edged in places though. Try going into edit mode, select all,
and hit the smooth button a couple of times. Also, try without as much cloud
procedural for an even softer appearence.

Oh, and why don’t you post in the wip forums? Recieving crits on your images
will make the final output so much better. I know that many others, including
myself, post in wip. It’s a wonderful way of improving your skills! :slight_smile:

well i think it’s better but like the M.h.p.e said i think it could stiill be a little smoother in some parts

good job so far

:frowning: Now I’m hungry… Good job with that. :smiley: