Adobe acquires Allegorithmic

As of today there is a Substance 3D add-on for Blender, as a prelease (beta version?)

It allows to load a SBSAR file (from Substance Designer) and change all exposed dynamic parameters directly in Blender.
I haven’t tried it yet, but it is there to download (needs an Adobe account, I guess).

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I tried to install it earlier but it doesn’t work, maybe a file was missing or something, will try again in a couple of days. Another cool addition is the addon to generate control rigs from Mixamo animations, did just a couple of simple tests and it works pretty good.


Hopefully they can upload it to the Blender Market or get it included with Blender as an optional addon by default, doubt they would though, they value user analytics too much.

I’d like to know if all Designer sbar files are compatible? I still have a pro version of the stand alone Designer, prior to Adobe acquisition.

There are a lot of restrictions in how we can distribute the plugin to be compliant with Blender’s license, we don’t have a lot of wiggle room there unfortunately.

As for compatibility, the plugin should be backward compatible with any substance file, no matter how old.

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Wrong thread.

Cheers, mib

This opens up a lot of opportunities for texture painting within Blender itself. I hope this add-on becomes really well polished.

Hopefully adobe is joining the development fund to ensure that this can be implemented well.

Sure, having the procedural power of Substance Designer under your fingertips in Blender and having the result update in realtime will make set dressing and scene creation much more flexible and powerful.
This also opens up the door for building hybrid materials in the node editor and pimp them with SD’s flexibility when it comes to all of their dynamic masks and such - you could probably build yourself a pipeline in Blender that somehow mimics the ability of Substance Painter to a certain degree.
Since you can bake the results down this will also work for asset surface creation.


Have you seen this?

I bought it but we haven’t used it yet.

That along with the substance plugin could really change things.

My motivation is to move away from an exclusively map-driven PBR workflow in Blender as much as possible.

You brought it up in another thread, but I have not yet taken a closer look at it. Looks interesting, thanks for the heads up.
Right now I am quite locked in an purely map driven PBR workflow but this will change sooner or later.

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I think we are going to stick with maps for hero assets. But I am going to try and introduce more procedural stuff for background props and such. At least for now. But that could change.

Makes perfect sense and will probably work without problems.

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The user analytics would help them gauge if there is an actual audience for the tool though so I don’t really fault them if that’s what they are doing.

Any chance to run “Substance 3D add-on for Blender” with the Free Substance Player?

Great, it works with Substance Player.
(I don’t know if you need the player at all?)
Apparently the addon is still a little buggy.
Sometimes it doesn’t accept the colors, sometimes it doesn’t change the texture resolution, etc.
But it could also be due to the player or the SBSARs.
But all in all a nice addon.
I hope Adobe will continue to support the free player with this addon.
Tested with Blender 3.0 and Win10

Same for me. Well… whatever. :man_shrugging: Not motivated to spent more time on it. It’ll come around.

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