Adobe acquiring Macromedia

OK here:

Simply the biggest news I can imagine in the graphics industry. I’m not convinced that reducing consumer choice (and innovation spurred by competition) in this area is a good thing to be honest, with Photoshop and Illustrator enjoying (perhaps deserved) monopolies in their markets.

This has interesting implications regarding the software patents issue, because that could be a large reason for this, ie they now can access each others patents. The downside being what products from each side will get culled.

yeah that news does not sound very fantastic.

:frowning: i use both adobe and macromedia software.


AWWW, Kid! You beat me to it! Oh well, I’ll still post my link!!

Yeah, this is big! This changes the whole playing field. I wonder what products will be phased out and which ones will be combined. . . the Adobe Flash player?!?!? Ugghhhhh! I live in Photoshop & Dreamweaver, and like how everything is. Reckon I won’t be doing any future upgrades until I go thru a slow & comprehensive study on it!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Well, it’s been waiting to happen, I’m not at all surprised. I don’t know how it will mean cheaper software, because without competition they have no reason to lower prices.

We’ll have to wait and see. :-?

This, IMHO, is a Bad Thing™. “Not a consolidation move” my ass. With Macromedia and Adobe merged, who’s left for competition? Corel? I bet you dollars to donuts… no, I guarantee that this will only increase the price of Adobe/media’s products with very little increase in value outside of the initial advantages of integration.

This sucks.

Oh well. It’d better be worth it.

their prices have been increasing anyway

… this stuff is expensive regardless… no good

Corel is the only viable alternititive. And Corel sucks.

We’re basically screwed here folks, someone should really organize a boycott. Let’s hope if this is done that a lot people and companies join.

Besides this Inkscape, SodiPodi, GIMP and nearly any other serious graphics application that OSS or from a small buisness doesn’t stand a chance. Between Adobe and Macromedai they will more patents than Hugh Hefner has women… :<

well, that will be nice for dreamweaver users!

better photoshop/dreamweaver integration would be nice.

or even better manipulation tools in fireworks.

or pdf manipulation in dreamweaver

think of the positives!

think of the positives!

They don’t outweigh the negatives:

Lack of decent competition will:
-Remove choice from the purchase of 2d art software
-large patent portfolio in both America and most likely Europe too will cause most small buisnesses/OSS devs who want to compete with any of their products to think twice before doing so. Once again, customer’s have no choice.
-If they’re like MS they’ll stagnate development. Longhorn will be 2-3 years late, with far fewer features than we were told and really won’t be worth the 200 $ price tag. They’re the largest software company in the world, they’ve got bottomless resources, they could deliver the perfect OS…but they won’t. Adobe Creative Suite 4 might be just the same…
-They could jack up prices sky high. When there’s no one else in your league you ransom off software for far more than it’s worth.

There are positives, but there simply isn’t enough of them to justify this buy out.

Well, even though the future is uncertain and blurry, I can say that both Adobe & Macromedia have not disappointed since while on the clock… I really don’t see why EVERYTHING would take a nosedive.

Besides, comparing them to Microsoft… I didn’t realize this until recently, but Microsoft was been very consistent in their patterns & developments over a long period of time … even with their patches and Service Packs! So I expect codename Longhorn or Steerbutt or Dairy cow (whatever!!) to come out late! Will I upgrade? NOPE! I just moved to XP from W2k on my home computer last month… Just didn’t trust 'em.

I would hope & pray that Adobe & Macromedia will not fall into the same pit. But looking at there past performance, I don’t see that happening on the front end… but maybe after a year or two… who knows??

I think I’m going to see if there are hiring in the fire department…

Adobe products stagnated since a long time, i don’t know how killing the concurence will push them to inovate more…


dreamweaver hasn’t had competition for years!

neither has photoshop!

doesn’t stop them from making a good product.

they are both exorbitantly expensive, (although not as bad as 3d proggys) but they are both worth it in terms of power and ease.

stagnate development:
again, they haven’t had competition for a while. Yet CS 2 just came out, for no reason by your logic. I doubt that corel was catching up enough that it was a competitive upgrade.

i am just trying to look at the bright side of things; this is an awefully negative thread here.

Adobe Flash, hahah! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or Adobe shockwave, which is another macromedia product

Do you see any significant improvement in the new photoshop versions ? there are just a few tools added, it’s quite low for a company that can spend 3 billions dollars to buy another company. They could put that money in developpement. And don’t forget that adobes makes his revenues on upgrades, because you need the latest version to have the right to upgrade, you need to do it everytime adobe release a new version. Releasing often means : a lot of incomes.

Compare that with the software in 3D industry. Every version it is not “a few addtions” but “a lot of additions” And also the prices become lower each year (look at XSI) I’m not seeing the same thing with adobe products…

the problem is that in the 2D field, adobe has simply too many patents to allow any new revolutionary application to develop. We will never see any Zbrush or modo, or hexagon equivalent in 2D because adobe holds patents on things like color management…

I concur with the general sentiment - and did long before reading this thread, too. Wasn’t happy even before I read the new article I saw on Google News this morning.

In my mind (which is fairly radical in some areas), “consolidation” and big business aren’t good no matter how you look at it. Admittedly a pretty blanketing statement, but in a lot of cases I think it’s true. Look at all the cons that Dittohead pointed out. Adobe owning Macromedia doesn’t bode well for the products or our wallets. I’d patronize mom-and-pop stores over Walmart any day, even tho they might be more expensive - the problem is that Walmart has pushed them right out of the market. When one company starts getting too much of the pie, there’s trouble.

And while Adobe doesn’t have complete control over all market areas (there’s still some competition from Apple, as far as I can tell), buying out Macromedia just ain’t great, in my book. Keep products separate - it prevents monopolies, if nothing else!

-A happily diehard GIMP/Blender/OpenOffice/Firefox user. Long live opensource.

I assume Adobe will still keep its name after all this. But just think of the many possibilites!

They could switch to “Macrodobe.” That’s kinda fun to say. Or maybe “Adobedia.”

Adobe Flash- $1127.99
Adobe Illustrator- $1467.99
Adobe Photoshop- $2687.99

Using Opensource software because Adobe sucks- PRICELESS

Being able to do color management , having a decent layer system and excelent performances without any bugs : $2687.99